If there is one thing you can say about Jack Yates basketball is that you will not touch the court if you don’t play defense.  And with a youthful group of primarily freshman and sophomores this season, Yates returning senior small forward Quran McKinney has accepted the challenge of leading his team by example.

McKinney has a natural reach that makes him a shutdown cornerback when it comes to snagging steals in Yates notorious full-court press defense.  Then on the offense side of the court, McKinney is an above average slasher to the basket and pick and roll manager.

When Yates head coach Greg Wise was asked what Quran adds to the roster, coach Wise stated.

“He has given us great leadership.  We’ve got so many young guys with us on our team and to have somebody that has been with us for four years is good for us.”

“He has obviously picked up some of his dad’s traits who played quarterback at Yates and now is the football coach at Texas Southern University.  I see some of those same leadership qualities in Quran when he brings it to the table.”  Coach Wise continued.

The Defender spoke with McKinney to discuss his style of play, smothering defense, keys to success and more.

Style of Play

“I just want to make plays for my teammates.  I try to make plays for them and get my plays in quick so that we can get up and score easy.”

Defensive Presence

“One thing about my defense is steals.  I always get steals because of my height and my length that allow me to get steals anytime I like and when we need them the most.”

Keys to Success

“Execution, working as a team communicating, and have fun.”

Win Over Worthing

“All we had to do is execute.  We have been lagging on that a little lately.  But now we are getting our communication better since we are playing with a lot of freshman and sophomores.”

Playoff Push

“Everybody has to be all in. do they’re jobs and we will make it to the next round and the next round after that.”

About Quran McKinney

Twitter: @quranmckinney11

Players He Studies: Lebron, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry and Trey Young

Favorite Musicians: J. Cole and Jay-Z

Favorite Subject: Math

Shoutouts: “my Mom, my whole family and Black J.”