Friday, October 23, 2020
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State of Black Harris County 2020

Judge Hidalgo Addresses the Issues

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Opening Remarks

From the State of Black Harris County 2020 program. Recorded October 8, 220.

Criminal Justice – Public Defenders

Indigent defendants continue being denied justice in Harris County felony courts. What can be done to get more felony judges on board...

Upcoming Election Voting

During this Covid-19 Pandemic the current President has made many false claims about mail in ballots being linked to voter fraud trying...

Election Administrator

What is the status of get the Election Administrator position filled and the timeline?

Flooding | Hurricane Harvey Repairs

Part One: Hurricane season is in full swing and although we have not been directly hit by a hurricane, we have experienced...

Disparity Study Update

A 2-years long diversity study was commissioned by Harris County Commissioners Court. The study, released in July of 2020, revealed that Harris...

Coronavirus Impact: Economic

Harris county like other counties has to worry about restoring its economy after the coronavirus passes. Judge Hidalgo can you tell our...

Coronavirus Impact: Health

Judge since the strike of this pandemic we face challenges in Harris County with health and of course you’ve been trying to...

Coronavirus Impact: Housing | Evictions

What is the county going to do regarding housing and evictions considering the impact of coronavirus?