The State of Black Women (“SOBW”) is an initiative of the Houston Defender Network  with a mission to promote education and empowerment for people of color. Inspired by the initiative’s slogan, ‘The Power of US,’ the SOBW was established to give voice to the collective power of Black women.

Historically, Black women have been the most unprotected and disrespected people in America.Today, the Black sisterhood has emerged stronger than ever before and has become an unrivaled political and economic force.

The vision of SOBW is to be a resource for personal and professional growth through development of the ‘Black Women’s Agenda,’ a roadmap to address the primary issues important to Black women such as health disparities, economic prosperity and political representation.

The SOBW is composed of consciously aware Black women who are using their platforms, influence and stories to inspire others and to advance the agenda of Black women. Within the structure of the SOBW, Black women can organize and mobilize to attract resources and become fiscally successful while living emotionally healthy lives and leaving a sustainable legacy.

Join Us for the STATE OF BLACK WOMEN 2ND HEALTH FORUM – Here’s a glimpse of our last SOBW Health Forum. Click the banner below to register for this year’s event: