Making money with your side hustle

You can literally work a 9-5 and become and instant self-made millionaire by growing wealth through a side hustle.

A side gig can increase your monthly income. It can help you give you a good crash course into the world of entrepreneurship.

The best part is that you can stay ahead of inflation, fast-track your financial goals, and chase your passion. It is said that one paycheck is just an emergency short of emergency away from being homeless. Be strategic with your financial plans

Here are top 5 lucrative side hustles to get you started.  

Online Proofreader

Are you a stickler for spelling and grammatical errors? If so, then you should become a proofreader. This gig is often confused with a copy editor, who make significant changes, like restructuring or rewriting sentences. Proofreaders are the last line of defender before a piece of work is published. It doesn’t require a degree, but you should have good punctuation, grammar, and spelling skills. This gig can be considered for long-term financial goals because it pays well. Proofreaders make $20-$40 per hour.

Virtual Assistant

All the calendar wizards gather here because virtual assistance might be a good fit for you. Virtual Assistants specialize in administrative and logistical support. Basic skills like typing, data entry, and email management will help you stand out. Depending on your skills or experience virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $10-$25 an hour, while those with experience make $50-$100 an hour.

Teaching online

What if what you already knew was enough to make you money? People are always looking for solutions to their problems and your skills could be the answers. Educators this is for you too! Start your side hustle as a tutor. Figure out your niche, create your own course, determine your pricing structure, and apply to work on platforms for instructors.


One thing is for sure, people don’t play about their babies, houses, and pets. They will pay top dollar to make sure those are well taken care of. Depending on where you reside, pet sitters can earn up to $18 per hour, baby sitters, up to $20 an hour, and house-sitters up to $100 a day. It’s competitive and you have to build a reputation of trust to expand your clientele.

Rent out your car

Not into ridesharing to make money? Not to worry, you should rent out your car instead. The Turo app is good start. It’s like automobile version of Airbnb. The average annual income from renting one car is $10,516 according to Turo. It has its advantages and perks, but scared money don’t make no money… right??

Laura Onyeneho

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