A Defender Special

These are the stories that captured our interests all year long.

Though 2022 had the promise of moving us past the COVID-19 pandemic and insurrectionists hell-bent on further suppressing Black votes, those realities remained with us, along with many more that showed themselves in the year’s big stories, city and statewide.

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Houston Rockets

A young Houston Rockets team was still trying to figure it out in the 2021-2022 season.  They would quickly find out the NBA is tough. Rockets would finish with a record of 20-62. Finishing closer to the bottom in the league, fans still had high hopes with this young team. Coming into the 2022-2023 season, the Rockets picked up some more pieces (TyTy Washington Jr, Tari Eason and Jabari Smith).

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Houston Texans

The Houston Texans were coming off of another bad season, but just how bad could it get? Houston was ready to see a change. The change came in many forms, from the head coach to the roster, but the only thing that didn’t change was the outcome fans hoped for. 

Texans would play the Eagles well in the first half, but fall apart in the second half. Jalen Hurts would lead the Eagles to a 29-17 over the Texans. 

When Deshaun Watson and the Browns came to town, fans had one hope, “Beat Deshaun!” Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned either. Texans played well in the first half, but Desahun and the Browns would walk away with a victory 27-14. 

When the Kansas City Chiefs came to town, nobody thought the Texans even had a chance. But this game went into overtime, and then the same thing that has happened all year happened. The Texans couldn’t close out a win and would go on to lose 24-30. Fans were ready to see a change. Instead, they just saw the same – loss after loss.

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Copa De Lone Star

Manchester City faced off against Club América in the inaugural Copa de Lone Star. Manchester City won by a score of 2-1.

Dynamo vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Dynamo didn’t do as well as they would have hoped in the 2022 season, but they were able to beat the San Jose Earthquakes when they came to Houston by a score of 2-1.

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TSU v. Prairie View

TSU and PV went head to head on the diamond. In the 2022 season, TSU recorded 220 stolen bases on the season and was averaging 4.31 stolen bases per game. TSU was no secret to teams as they liked to get on base and move the runner. PV hoped to play good defense and put a stop to runners advancing after getting on base.