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Date Night Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Celebration

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and couples everywhere are eager to celebrate their love and affection. If you’d like to make the evening extra special, go beyond basic wine and cheese by planning one of these five exciting dates. 

Whether you’re an adventurous couple or a pair that likes to relax at home, these date ideas are sure to highlight everything special about your bond.

Snuggle Under the Stars

For the more adventurous couple that loves to get outside, try an evening of stargazing. While February is chilly in most of the country, you can still enjoy being outside at night with a bit of careful planning. Pack a picnic for your sweetheart, complete with favorite snacks and a thermos of hot chocolate or cider. Then load up the blankets, camp chairs, and winter clothing and take off for the hills—the farther outside of town you get, the brighter the stars will appear! Cozy up together and gaze at the night sky. You can use an interactive star map to identify everything you see. If you’re headed to an area where campfires are allowed, pack some wood to stay toasty even longer.

Learn a New Skill

One of the best ways to celebrate your connection with someone is to learn a new skill together. Shared hobbies and interests give you another way to bond, and starting fresh with a new activity means one partner won’t automatically take the lead. For a romantic lesson together on Valentine’s Day, try a virtual cooking class. You can make a meal together and then celebrate over candlelight as you enjoy your creation! If you’d like to venture outside the house, find a paint night event in your area. These sessions are usually held in a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar and feature an easy-to-follow painting lesson. Many offer “couples’ paintings” where you each paint one half of the finished piece!

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Make It a Party!

Nothing about Valentine’s Day says that it’s exclusively for two people. If you’re a “the more, the merrier” person, consider hosting a Valentine’s Day party to spread the joy this year. Plan games that focus on the theme of romance and are easy to play throughout the night without being too boisterous. A popular option is a spin on Who’s Who: Give each guest a nametag (on their back!) with the title of a romance movie. Then, throughout the night, each guest must ask questions about their own movie to ultimately try and guess the film by the end of the evening. Add a champagne toast or elegant dessert spread for a sophisticated feel. 

Create a Signature Cocktail and Menu

Sharing dinner with your beloved is a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration, but if you want to take things up a notch, create a signature cocktail and menu based on your partner! Choose events from their past that hold special meaning and are associated with food. For example, make an appetizer they had on their first trip abroad, recreate a favorite childhood entrée, and choose a dessert they’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet. A signature cocktail should include:

  • Their preferred spirit.
  • A flavor profile that matches the tone of your evening (spicy? decadent? whimsical?).
  • A presentation that’s memorable (think fancy glassware and garnishes). 

You can use a fillable template to print your menu and make the evening even fancier!

Relationship Treasure Hunt

If you share years of special memories with your sweetheart, turn those moments into clues for a romantic treasure hunt! The prize at the end can be a gift, meal, or even a destination for your evening date. As you make your clues, reference sentimental items in your home (the framed picture from your wedding, a souvenir from that special trip, a dent in the wall from the time your kids went a little crazy), and hide the next clue there. You can also allude to special memories in riddles and provide the next clue when your partner answers successfully: “What were we eating when you first said ‘I love you?’”. Even wrong answers during the treasure hunt will lead to plenty of laughter and reminiscing, so have fun reliving some special moments together.

Create a Valentine’s Day celebration that’s as special as your relationship with one of these exciting ideas.