Who is Joy Diggs?

Age: 38

Occupation: Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Digg Deep Fitness & Nutrition

Education: University of North Carolina, Georgia State University

Major: B.A. Exercise and Sport Science, M.S. Nutrition

Motto: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

Motivated by: “I’m motivated by the fact that each day is another opportunity to improve myself and help others around me do the same. I’m motivated to become all that God has created for me to be and not waste potential.”

Unknown facts: “I’m a writer and enjoy writing poems and short stories when I’m inspired.”

Fitness start: “I noticed many family members suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and realized there is a link between food and health. I decided to make my health a priority so I could reduce my risk. I also look and feel better when I stay committed to my health goals.”

Fitness goal: “My current fitness goal is to run a 10K this year and maintain my weight and muscle mass while I’m training.”

Fitness advice: “For someone who is just starting out, I recommend starting with small goals and add to them over time. Many people do too much too quickly and burn out or get insured. Start small to create new habits, and then set new goals.”

Social Media:
IG @diggdeepfitness
Facebook: @diggdeepfitness

I stick to clean, disciplined eating.

Joy’s typical diet: Breakfast: oatmeal, 3 eggs Snack: Oatmega protein bar Lunch #1: Chicken, sweet potatoes, veggie Lunch #2: Ground turkey, rice, veggie Snack: Fruit, almonds Dinner: Chicken, sautéed veggies

Physical: I lift heavy and mix in cardio.

“To help me stay pretty muscular and lean year-round, I lift heavy four days a week and mix in cardio a couple of times a week.”

How has COVID-19 changed our exercise and diets: “COVID-19 started as a virus on the other side of the world to now affecting our everyday lives. Gyms closed around the country and most of us are now required to not only work from home, but also work OUT at home. The virus has completely changed our exercise routines because we no longer have access to the same equipment or gym environments that we’re used to. And we’re closed inside our homes all day with limitless options for #quarantinesnacks and other temptations. Motivation has shifted, and this pandemic is now requiring a new discipline that many are still trying to build: staying consistent with home workouts, finding new routines that don’t require a lot of equipment, or even just staying committed to previous fitness goals. And from a nutrition standpoint, there are struggles to cook healthy meals, limit snacking, and stick to a structured eating schedule. My tip is to make a plan, a very simple plan, and STICK TO IT. Decide what your exercise days will be and how many minutes you will commit to working out. Get an accountability partner or purchase virtual training sessions from a trainer like myself who is offering sessions through video chat. Plan healthy meals and snacks in advance, and don’t set yourself up by bringing unhealthy snacks into the house. Also, follow fitness professionals who can keep you focused on your health during this time.”

Mental: I make time for vacations, massages and friends.

“We have to maintain ‘physical distance’ from one another, but not ‘social distance’ during this coronavirus era. So, while we can’t do many of the things we did to unwind before the virus, we can still find creative ways to stay connected to friends through proper distancing guidelines and technology.”

In the below IG post, Joy shares how she views adversity such as the coronavirus quarantine. “I can only control two things, my mindset and my efforts,” Joy says. Listen to the full message if you are feeling overwhelmed by the new normal we find ourselves in.

Spiritual: I have an active prayer life.

“My relationship with God drives my daily actions. I talk to God throughout the day about decisions I make, goals I set, and how to best impact the world around me. I have started a morning routine (which I’m aiming to get more consistent with) that includes prayer, reading my Bible, and journaling. I also focus on positive thinking and creating positive energy wherever I go. I protect my energy and my peace by being intentional with what I consume. That includes the foods I eat, the music I listen to, what I do or do not watch on tv, and the people I surround myself with. I believe everything should be feeding your soul and your personal growth, which is how you develop into your best self. Especially concerning this pandemic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful if you’re constantly tuned in to every breaking news story. You have to be selective with how much information you choose to consume. Protect your peace by focusing on positive things like reading a new book, learning a new skill, working on a new project, or using this time to reconnect with loved ones in a new way.”