If you’re lucky — scratch that — if you work hard, stick your neck out, hold onto your values, and aren’t afraid to be uniquely you, then you may end up very, very wealthy. You may end up so wealthy that it’s actually pretty tough for you to meet a guy as wealthy as you. They’re out there, but you have to go to swanky, stuffy events and clubhouses to meet them. You don’t want to limit your options in a partner, all because you got rich. Why should your success limit you in any way? That being said, anytime there is a major discrepancy in incomes within a relationship (and I mean major—not just a few grand a year), there is bound to be some awkwardness. Here is what it’s like to date when you’re wealthier than every man you go out with.

He can’t pick a restaurant

Your dates will assume you are above saloons that serve sky-high stacks of ribs or taco trucks. You may have to be the one who says, “I’m tired of oyster bars—can we go get a burrito please?”

He’ll apologize for his gifts

Even though it’s the thought that counts, the guys you date will forget that and will hand you every gift with an apology about how they wish it were fancier or more expensive.

Sex can be a little off

Some men, on a subconscious level, believe that they shouldn’t get to have sex with you until they’ve earned it through buying you nice dinners, gifts etc. (It’s screwed up—but it’s true). For that reason, your dates might be sensitive around the topic of sex the first few times you pay for dinner.

He’ll be afraid of your parents

No man wants to meet a woman’s parents and have them know that not only can he not support their daughter, but she supports him sometimes!

His friends are saying things

You just have to accept that his friends are making their comments (lovingly, teasing, of course) about how your boo hit the jackpot with you.

He’ll play up his job

Even if he has a great job, you’ll hear him making it sound like it’s bigger than it is. He’ll especially do this around your friends at parties you take him to. He feels the need to prove he belongs.

A spiteful comment may come up

If you try to invite your boyfriend on a trip and he can’t go, he may say something like, “Some of us can’t jet off whenever we want—some of us work a lot.” It’s coming from a place of jealousy, but not of judging you.

He’ll hesitate to suggest dates

Even if your partner plans on paying for the date, he may hesitate to suggest certain activities because he doesn’t want you to think he assumes you’re paying.

He’ll always want a wardrobe check

He’ll constantly ask you if what he is wearing is appropriate for the restaurant/your friend’s party/your parent’s house. He fears that his financial status is apparent in his apparel.

He’ll get jealous sometimes

When he sees you simply getting along with a man much wealthier than himself, he may get jealous and ask if you sometimes wish you were with someone who was rich, like you.

He’ll try to compensate

By cleaning everything, fixing things, walking your dog, picking up your prescriptions etc… He feels the need to prove his worth since he can’t do so through money.

He may not be as financially savvy

You didn’t become wealthy by being financially ignorant. You will probably know a lot more about stocks and bonds and investment types than the men you date; you have to when you’re wealthy.

He’ll be embarrassed about his apartment

He’ll constantly apologize for his apartment and fear that you’d be more comfortable back at your luxury condo.

He’ll be embarrassed at your place

He will also, however, make comments at your place about how he doesn’t belong there or feels like he’s in a hotel and shouldn’t touch anything.

He’ll want career advice, but he won’t

Your date will sometimes want career advice, since you made it pretty big after all, and other times act offended if you offer it. It’s a smarts versus pride issue.

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