Ms. Holla, the woman who delighted internet users with her enchanting personality and hilarious viral videos, has passed away at age 97. Her granddaughter confirmed the tragic news in a live video on social media on Saturday.

“I wanna thank y’all so much for the smiles y’all put on her face,” Grandma Holla’s loved one said. “She passed away in her sleep. She went out peacefully . . . what’s really keeping together y’all is she’s not in pain anymore, no more cancer, no more morphine.”

Social media users responded with love and prayers for the family after hearing about the passing of the beloved internet star who spent part of her life working as a special education teacher.

Ms. Holla (also known as Grandma Holla), whose real name is Helen Davis, rose to fame with her blunt commentary. The viral sensation commented on various topics, including celebrity news, relationships and advice for young people. In one of her final videos, he TikTok star showed off her famous smile and wished her fans a happy new year.

She had many famous fans, including former RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio.