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By Just Johnda, Covering all things Pop Culture

The streets are talking, and they are angry.

This is a time when the culture should be rejoicing – Rihanna is headlining the Super Bowl, Beyonce’s allegedly scoping out stadiums, Michelle Obama is back on tour, Viola Davis is still the Woman King, Wakanda is Forever, and I got to meet the iconic Jennifer Lewis. Yes, I had an entire fan-girl moment meeting the Mother of Hollywood. Yet, when you go on the social media streets folks are just MAD.

I get it if you are Nia Long or Behati Prinsloo. Given the public humiliation they have endured from their respective partners recently, no one would blame them for wanting to knock Ime Udoka and Adam Levine to the moon. I will remember Levine’s text to his paramour with a heads up about giving he and Behati’s new baby her name far longer than any Maroon 5 song. On a serious note, if you live in Mississippi, you should be mad too. As if some areas not having water isn’t bad enough, it seems like every week we find out about more of the state’s welfare funds being funneled to Brett Favre’s pet projects. The folks that do not fall into the groups above just need to take a nap. 

The rap girls are fighting.  

Nikki Minaj has been going at everyone from talk show hosts to youtubers. Some of the youtube stuff is borderline, but being mad at Garcelle Beauvais for interviewing her husband’s accuser is wasted energy. Nikki seems to have missed the memo that marrying a convicted felon would have people wagging tongues, tagging victims, and gagging over the fallout. The commentary writes itself.  

Cardi B versus Everybody – First, it was Cardi B versus Akbar V. The words got so nasty online that neither woman should be proud. Allegedly Cardi got Akbar’s Twitter suspended as a result of the drama. Who won? Akbar V of course, because more people know her this week than they did last week. Next, it was Cardi B versus JT from the City Girls. That exchange went from Twitter to DMs and back again. Then Nikki Minaj got involved. Who won? Technically nobody, but since Cardi makes time for these exchanges, her blood pressure might need to be checked.

Bre Tiesi, one of Nick Cannon’s, breeding partners made some typical new mom complaints online. She is tired and not getting enough rest. No big deal, right? Wrong. Someone suggested she get a night nurse, she flippantly retorted about them paying for it, and a firestorm of drama ensued.

These situations are just a few current samples of the anger hurling back and forth with and/or about pop culture figures. Social media allows people to not only be keyboard gangsters, but it also gives unprecedented access to tell practically anyone how undeserving of their life the author believes them to be. At the heart of these beefs is presumed entitlement to say anything (which often says far more about the commenter). The celebrities, psuedo-celebrities, and “influencers” seem to forget that their purpose in using these platforms should be to keep their fans loyal and gain new ones. You stop being some untouchable constellation, which in a world with a short attention span, only works for a limited class of mega-superstars. Instead, they get in their feelings and BOOM, risk being “canceled” after going one post too far.  

The general public is coming to the platform with their own baggage. Although they may be intrigued with seeing these people “living their best lives,” it can serve as a negative reflection of what they don’t have. Combine that with their own personal bias, moral convictions, and life experiences and keyboard gangsters are born.

Meanwhile those of us who are legitimately falling apart because Trevor Noah is leaving “The Daily Show,” are left alone, curled up in a corner in the fetal position.  

Just Johnda is an attorney, social commentator, and author.  A native of New Jersey, currently living in the DC Metro area, one of Just Johnda’s passions has always been  devouring information from every source (especially her well-placed anonymous ones).  Just Johnda also has a weekly podcast, now in its third season called “Let’s Be Honest with Just Johnda.”