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With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to break out the craft supplies and think about ways to show dad how special he is. Spend time this year making keepsake gifts that dad can cherish for years to come, even after the kids are too old to glue popsicle sticks together anymore. Here are seven ideas that kids of all ages will love creating.

These monster hugs are an excellent way for kids to show dad just how much they love him! Older kids can draw their own monster and decorate it, while the younger crowd can decorate an outline that you provide. Make sure they know to make it as silly or spooky as they want! Then, use long paper to trace kids’ hands, drawing out extra-long arms in between. Glue to the back of your monster’s body, and you’ve made the perfect hug for dad to keep with him at work or on the go.

Building Memories Jar

If your kids want to gift an experience as much as a craft this year, have everyone team up and create a “building memories” jar to inspire activities throughout the year. Have the older kids write ideas on Legos or write for the younger ones. Put one special activity on each block until the whole jar is full. As dad and kids complete activities throughout the year, build your tower higher and higher to see how much you’ve accomplished by next summer! For bonus points, build a Lego platform with dad’s favorite colors, so you have a base for stacking your memory blocks.

Dad Rocks Keepsake Box

Kids love to build with popsicle sticks, especially if it involves eating all the treats first! Preschoolers can complete this box with minimal help from an adult to use the glue. Meanwhile, older kids can take the reins and do everything independently. Small boxes are great for holding change and keys, while a taller or wider version would be perfect for pens or other keepsakes. Make sure to have plenty of craft supplies on hand for the kids to decorate the front of the box when it’s all assembled.

Salt Dough Handprint Frame

Handprint crafts are always popular for Father’s Day. This picture frame idea could grow with your child year after year. Use a basic salt dough recipe, roll it out about half an inch thick, and have your child press their handprint in lightly. Cut around their hand using a sharp knife. Then, cut out a heart shape in the middle to create the picture. Let the dough completely dry (in the oven is faster than leaving it out), paint your handprint, and glue a small photo on the back to show through the heart-opening. Make sure to seal your creation so that it will last for years to come! Have the kids make a new handprint each year to have fun comparing over time.

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Painted Rock Photo Holder

Older kids will like creating this beaded photo stand—and even the youngest crowd can have fun painting the rocks to go on the base! To make the most of your time, have the kids string beads on the crafting wire while the rocks dry. Then, twist the wire around the rock until it’s secure and extend upwards to form a beaded masterpiece! Display a special photo at the top of the wire by forming a loop with the top end.

Magic Card

This craft takes a bit of patience and precision, but older kids will be very proud to present dad with a magic trick camouflaged as a Father’s Day card. The idea is that a seemingly black-and-white design is on the front of the card, and then a big reveal shows that it’s “being colored” as dad removes the card from the frame. Let your kids get creative and design their own images, or use one of the templates provided.

Goodie Bags

Give dad his Father’s Day gifts in a crafty bag this year! Use scrapbook paper to cut out a tie shape and glue it to the front of a paper sack. Then, fill the bag with everything dad loves—notes from the kids, favorite rocks from the garden—you name it! Seal everything by cutting slits horizontally at the top of the bag and folding them over into the middle to resemble a shirt collar. Tape everything shut, and you’re ready for the big day!

Show dad how much you care by making one of these crafts as a keepsake Father’s Day gift for years to come.