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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the special caregivers in your life deserve some recognition! No matter your kids’ ages, they can all help with one of these colorful and useful crafts to show how much they care. You and your kids can complete most of these in about an hour, and the materials are easy to find. Grab the glue gun and get to work!

Clay Petal Planter

Decorating a flowerpot is a Mother’s Day tradition every year. This time, make it a bit more involved by covering one with clay petals. The rainbow effect and interesting texture will help this project stand out. You’ll use polymer clay to adhere to a ceramic or concrete pot, creating smears of clay “petals” all over the surface as you go. Bake at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes to set, and it’s ready for planting!

Handprint Cactus

What’s more popular these days than a succulent? Have the little kids make a handprint cactus for mom and grandma to proudly display. Cut out their handprints from green cardstock, then decorate with dots and lines for the cactus spines. Add small paper blossoms or even a little origami bird perched on the cactus for extra decoration! Display in a small pot with stones in the bottom.

Copper Wire Words

This project is perfect for the older kids who want something more detailed and less “crafty.” These copper words can say “mom.” Or, you can choose an adjective or nickname perfect for your special caregiver. The final product is fantastic for potted plants, cake toppers, or even tucked into a vase on the nightstand. Make sure you have round nose pliers and needle-nose pliers for the most accurate shapes and have a wire cutter handy for the finished product! Keep your work as flat as possible against a printed template so that everything looks even at the end.

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Thumbprint Glass Gem Magnets

Branch out from the traditional thumbprint crafts this year and have your kids make these glass magnets. Start by getting everyone’s heart-shaped prints on white cardstock (use two thumbprints overlapping and tilted), then let them dry completely. Glue a large, clear glass gem on top of the prints (choose clear-drying glue), then trim away the excess paper. Flip over and cover with clear glue to adhere a craft magnet on the back. These will look great on mom’s refrigerator, so use various colors for a rainbow effect!

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

If your kids are fond of collecting items from nature, send them out to find small flowers and leaves—there should be plenty this time of year! Press the items in a heavy book for several days, then get creative with bookmarks for mom. Cut cardstock to an appropriate size, then lightly glue the pressed flowers in place. Using contact paper over the top will help keep everything in place and not frayed as mom uses this treasure. Decorate the edges with twine, ribbon, or any other items you’d like!

Photo Holder

We all know mothers collect and display LOTS of photos and unique artwork, so use this opportunity to give her a lovely way to display her favorites. Older kids can complete this independently, while younger kids can help with the painting. Choose a wooden plaque of any size, then paint with a background color. Add painted wooden letters that spell “MOM” (or anything meaningful!) to the top. Then, glue small clips to the bottom that can hold the photos.

Twig Monogram

This craft is fun for kids of all ages since there are multiple components that siblings or grandkids could share. Before gathering supplies, decide what letter you’ll be making. “M” for mom is a good option if a first name has a curved initial (harder to make with twigs!). Send the kids to collect as many twigs of similar size as possible, then paint them with acrylic paint. While that dries, cut out felt flowers and leaves, and begin the assembly! The twine adds a natural look to the project, but you can use the flowers to cover any twine junctions you don’t want to show.

Your kids can give these creations to anyone special in their lives, and they’ll have fun making them along the way!