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There’s no better way to kick off the fall festivities than by celebrating apple season in October! The whole family can get into the spirit by making apple-themed crafts; use them as home décor, gifts for new teachers and friends, or trinkets to trade at the local fall festival. Here are five of the best crafts that will leave you feeling full of apple-themed fun!

Stuffed Paper Apples

Do your kids have exactly 2,847 stuffed animals? If so, this craft is for them—they can create their own stuffed apple friend! Start by cutting two matching apple shapes from sturdy paper (card stock or a paper grocery bag work best). If you’re making several, create an apple template first so that the older kids can cut their own shapes using your guide. Next, break out the paint and choose some apple colors—green, brown, orange, red, and yellow! Using a bit of sponge, paint the outside of each apple half and let it dry. Punch holes along the outside, then let the bigger kids practice lacing yarn around about ¾ of the edge. Using the hole that’s left, stuff the apple with paper scraps or pillow stuffing and then finish lacing it up! Add features like a stem or leaf for a finishing touch. This craft is great for kids at all stages—you can have the youngest crowd help with the painting and stuffing while the older kids can cut and lace.

Egg Carton Apple and Worm

If you’re looking for something whimsical that uses recyclable materials around your house, this craft is for you. Using an egg carton, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a little paint, your kids can create these adorable worm and apple decorations. Start by cutting out pairs of egg cups for each apple—try to trim them mostly flat where they’ll join together. Then, have your kids paint the outsides red (or green!) and the insides white with brown spots for seeds. While the egg cups dry, twist two pipe cleaners together and fold them in half to sculpt into a worm shape. Glue on a couple of wiggly eyes for extra fun! Use a red/green pipe cleaner to attach the two halves of the apple together, put a green one through the top for a stem, then set your little worm inside! Each child can choose their own colorful worm design for a rainbow of fun.

Apple Pinch Pots

Slightly older kids will love this craft that creates something truly useful! Using air-drying clay and some paint, your kids can make small apple pots that can hold treasures or serve as fall-themed gifts! Start with a round ball of clay, then have kids use their thumbs to pinch it into a bowl shape. To form the apple structure, create small dips on the top and bottom, working until you have a shape you like. Add a stem and leaf section with a different piece of clay and pinch them together. This craft takes a bit of patience because the pots need anywhere from one to seven days to dry. When everything is hard, paint the outside red, the inside white with brown seeds, and green for the leaf!

Children’s hands sculpts clay crafts pottery school. Credit: 123RF

Paper Roll Apple Core

Instead of a nice, ripe apple, consider making a craft that’s more surprising—an apple core! Using paper rolls, sticks, and mini red muffin cups, your kids can make apples that look like some hungry children have eaten them. Start with white paper rolls or have the kids paint them white (and let them fully dry), then draw seeds on the roll. Next, poke a stick through one muffin cup; you can attach it with a little glue if it’s not staying in place. Put everything together by gluing muffin cups to the top and bottom of each roll (a stick-cup at the top and plain at the bottom), then adding a green paper leaf for a finishing touch!

Yarn Apple Garland

For an apple craft that can serve as home décor for years to come, spend some family time making this festive yarn apple garland. Kids of all ages can participate. Give everyone a length of red or green yarn and have them wrap it around two or three fingers about 100 times. Then slide the yarn off, gather it through the center with some twine, and fluff into a round apple shape. Add cut-out felt leaves and string together for a decorative garland or gift tie.

Whether you’re crafting for gifts, fun, décor, or a little bit of everything, these apple crafts are a great way to get your kids into a festive fall mood!