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Earth Day is on April 22, and it’s the perfect time to highlight the value of nature and preserving the world around us. Using recycled materials and creating something sustainable are critical parts of any projects to celebrate the day. 

These seven crafts help kids learn about the Earth, discover how easy it is to recycle, and have some fun along the way!

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Planting flowers is an excellent way to connect with nature and celebrate our planet for Earth Day. This seed bomb project uses strips of paper (upcycling!) to create a completely compostable vessel for wildflower seeds. Kids will love getting their hands dirty making the pods, and you’ll have a built-in project for the next several weeks as you observe the sprouts and discover which flowers are blooming.

Earth Moss Ball

This project is a fun way to make a model of the Earth from living moss! Sphagnum moss is easy to find in many stores/online and stays alive with just water, but it’s not the lovely green color we all expect, so you’ll want additional moss for the outside covering. Using wool yarn in white and blue keeps everything natural and adds the “ocean” effect to your Earth model. Have kids hang these balls in windows around the house, and spritz them with water every day.

Recycled Garden Craft

Earth Day is the perfect time to learn about plants, their role in our ecosystem, and how they grow. For a fun, related craft that uses recycled paper, make a “garden” to display in your home. Cut strips from various paper products and lay them out on the table, then have each kid design their own flower. Make green stems, and display! You can even add an element of math to the project by having kids measure their stems.

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Paper Bag Painting

This paper bag painting project is a perfect craft that can highlight the benefits of recycling and loving the Earth. Talk with your kids about why we reuse materials like paper bags, then let them paint whatever image they associate with nature. You can easily hang these up using the attached handles, too! Older kids might even consider adding some writing around the border to describe what they appreciate about our planet and how they’ll contribute to its health.

DIY Recycling Bins

One of the most popular lessons on Earth Day is about recycling—why we do it, how it works, and what we can do to help. Get your kids involved in a home recycling program by making a simple recycling box. Even the littlest hands can help draw pictures to decorate the outside, while the older kids can brainstorm ideas for different size/shape boxes for each recycling item (if you live somewhere that needs items separated).

Self-Watering Planter

Making a self-watering planter from a recycled bottle is an excellent way to teach your kids about how plants grow and the perfect Earth Day craft. Choose seeds that grow quickly and efficiently (flowers and vegetables both work!) and use good-quality potting soil. Your kids will enjoy watching the seed sprout and grow, and they can help be responsible for keeping the bottom container full of water. Keep your plant in this bottle garden or transplant it to the backyard when it’s at least four inches tall.

Earth Day Pledge Globe

If you’ve been talking with your kids about Earth Day, its meaning, and how to help protect the environment, this craft is the perfect capstone project for all that new knowledge. Start by making a paper mache Earth using a balloon, newspaper strips, and blue and green paint. Kids will love getting their hands sticky for this project, so make sure to work in an area that’s easily cleaned! Since this is a two-day project (the globe needs to dry), use the downtime to brainstorm how you’ll take care of the Earth this year as a family. Print out your ideas, then glue them to the finished globe. Hang it in your house for a reminder of your commitment to the environment this year.

Grab your craft bin and some recycled materials and head outside to make these fun Earth Day crafts!