Young mother and child with bunny ear headbands on embrace as they pose while seated at the kitchen table with Easter eggs and dye.
Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko via 123RF

Ready for some festive Easter crafts? Get those pastels, pom-poms, markers, and crayons out! We’ve compiled a list of fun bunnies, beautiful Easter Eggs, and handmade baskets for the holiday!

Easter Bunny

According to the History Channel, the Easter Bunny has been a tradition in the United States since the 1700s. In the earliest days, children would leave out nests for the mythical egg-laying hare in exchange for an Easter basket. Today, some families put out carrots for their bunny visitor, similar to cookies for Santa Claus. The tradition of a basket with treats continues today, and the Easter Bunny is also known to hide eggs for children to find.

Here are our favorite adorable rabbit-themed crafts to celebrate the Easter Bunny:

Decorating eggs

Decorating eggs has a long history expanding back to ancient times. Many Eastern European countries paint elaborately designed eggs, such as the Ukrainian style, Pysanky, that are given as gifts or displayed as artwork. Eggs have often been a representation of new life and an appropriate symbol for the Easter holiday.

There are endless ways to decorate Easter Eggs, making them a fun annual tradition for the whole family! Here are several ideas starting with the most simple for younger participants and ending with some challenging yet beautifully intricate designs.

Here are a few of the most basic ways to dye eggs:

Looking for something different yet still simple?

Another way to go is creating your child’s favorite characters!

  1. Check out these SuperheroMinionsMr. Potato HeadStar Wars, and Lego Minifigures ideas. We especially love that the Star Wars and Lego instructions use wooden eggs that can be used as toys well after the holiday.
  2. Too old for characters? Your tweens will get a kick out of these Emoji Eggs.

Want to try something a bit more elaborate? Check out these methods!

A young child in a denim dress holds a wicker basket full of Easter eggs
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Easter baskets

Your kids will need something for their eggs and treats – so why not make their Easter basket together? Basketry, the art of making baskets, has been around since ancient times. Baskets are typically woven and are both practical and beautiful!

As you make crafts and engage in Easter activities like egg hunts with your children, remember that the weather is getting warmer, and it may be a good time to try crafting outside!