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Easter egg hunts have been a tradition for centuries! And while searching for eggs alone holds great appeal for children of all ages, we’re sharing some fun ideas to elevate this year’s hunt. 

From filling plastic eggs with creative items to adding fun twists, these ideas are sure to entertain and create even more memorable moments. 

Fill the Eggs with Something New

There are many advantages to using plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt. You can reuse them each year, and you don’t need to worry that a hard-boiled egg will get lost under the couch until you are alerted to its presence by its stink. Plus, they make perfect vessels for fun items to find. 

Fill your eggs with candy, coins, stickers, or small toys. Elevate the fun by having one golden ticket hidden in an egg for the lucky winner of a grand prize. You can also conduct a raffle tickets egg hunt, where kids can trade in their tickets for prizes too big to fit in the eggs. 

If you feel creative or thrifty, think of activities your kids always ask about. Making slips of paper with rewards such as skipping chores, extra tv or video games, or staying up late are zero to low-cost but exciting finds for your kids. Over the Big Moon Easter Egg Privilege Cards Free Printable has done the work for you!

You can also use slips of paper to create a fun game or silly activities to do, such as singing a song, spinning around, or doing jumping jacks. This Easter Egg Hunt Free Printable includes activities such as “moo like a cow” or “hop like a bunny.” The Easter Egg Counting Printable is fun and helps with math skills. Younger kids find the eggs and then put them in numerical order. The Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt is a similar concept using letters of the alphabet. 

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Treasure and Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are another way to expand on Easter Egg Hunt fun. Play Party Plan’s Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Free Printable has kids hunting for specific colored eggs or ones with certain items in them. The Printable Easter Egg Hunt Checklist by A Mom’s Take also has colored eggs on their list, plus fun items like stuffed animals and bunny tracks. 

Treasure hunts are usually best for older kids who can read and follow the clues as they take them from one location to another throughout the house or yard. This Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt with Printable Clues has cute rhyming clues that are general enough to work in almost any home. Or, have your kids pull out their phones or tablets for some active fun with this QR code treasure hunt.

Outdoor Neighborhood Hunts

Are you planning an outdoor or neighborhood hunt for a large group? Try these balloon landmarks to make it easier for younger kids to find the eggs. Or, print out these fun Easter Egg Hunt Signs for your event. An Easter Bunny trail is an exciting way to safely take a smaller group of kids around the neighborhood. And, don’t forget about the thrill of hosting a glow-in-the-dark hunt! 

If you are looking for a way to turn a traditional easter egg hunt on its head, this is it! Switch up the fun is to have the kids hide the eggs and the adults find them. Just make sure to set up some parameters, so no one is climbing up on the roof to hide or find the eggs! 

Sustainable eggs that you can use year after year are fun to make and find! Try the Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies or Wood Slice Easter Eggs. 

Bonus! You don’t need to reserve these elevated Easter egg hunts for just Easter. They make fun activities to keep the kids entertained and active all year long!