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Family movie night is a staple in many households, but what should you watch together the rest of the week? With so many television choices across streaming and cable, choosing the best family-friendly program to start watching can be difficult. Luckily, many options mean high-quality shows that the entire family will love. Here are the best series to binge as a family any night of the week.

Best for Older Kids

These series tackle essential social and emotional topics for families with older kids (late elementary and middle school) while still being fun and lighthearted.

  • Black-ish is a long-running ABC family comedy that follows a Black family through the trials and tribulations of modern life. Much of the show is lighthearted, but mature personal, social, and political themes mean it’s best for older kids. Your kids will also identify with the intergenerational struggles that the family’s kids face. Watch on Hulu or Amazon Prime.
  • The Mandalorian is the perfect show for kids and families that love Star Wars. This show is set years before the movie series. It has similar political and war-themed episodes but without as much overt violence. “Baby Yoda” is a character who’s become ubiquitous from the series. Watch on Disney+.
  • Ghostwriter is a reboot of the 90’s show that many parents may recall. Kids help solve mysteries associated with modern and classical literature characters. The literary references are made current and fun but will go over younger kids’ heads. This show is a great way to get your kids interested in literature! Watch on Apple TV+.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animated show that your older kids will love. Rated highly by kids and parents alike, Avatar follows a young boy with elemental magic trying to save the world. The series draws on many Asian images, themes, and ideas of war and culture clash. As a bonus, kids can continue spending time in this world with a book/comic series, an animated sequel, and an upcoming live-action remake. View on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • Doctor Who is a sci-fi show most adults are familiar with, but it makes great viewing for older kids too! The newest run of the show began in 2005. Episodes follow the Doctor in their time-traveling TARDIS throughout the universe. Various actors play the Doctor over time, so kids will enjoy it when new reincarnations appear. Some adventures tackle important events in history and teach valuable lessons. Stream on HBO Max.

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Perfect for the Whole Family

Do you need a show to stream that’s great for all ages? Here are the best series for a family night that your whole household can enjoy.

  • Wild Kratts is a PBS show featuring brothers Chris and Martin Kratt as live-action and animated characters. The Kratt brothers adventure around the world, transforming into cool creatures. Little kids love the animal interactions, and older kids will learn a few exciting facts every time. Stream on Amazon Prime or the PBS app.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events is adapted from the series of children’s books by the same name. The story follows Count Olaf as he tries to foil the plans of three children whose parents left them an inheritance (along with many mysteries). While some episodes may be a bit scary for the youngest kids, the themes are relatable and appropriate for most everyone. Watch on Netflix.
  • Just Add Magic is a lighthearted show about two girls who find a magic recipe book and try to replicate its dishes. They encounter various fantastical obstacles and mishaps, but nothing too scary. Along the way, they tackle themes of friendship and courage. Stream on Amazon Prime.
  • MasterChef Junior is a kid’s cooking competition show on Fox (watch old seasons on Hulu). Children ages 8-13 compete in various challenges to hone their skills and realize their culinary dreams. Kids will feel empowered watching their peers complete complicated tasks.
  • LEGO Masters is the perfect show for kids and adults to share. No one will be bored! Watch teams compete to build masterpieces out of LEGOs. Watch on Fox.

Next time you’d like a family tv night, start one of these series to enjoy together!