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When it comes to Halloween crafts, kids can’t get enough. Spooky ghosts, silly pumpkins, and creepy spiders all make an appearance. Still, there are only so many paper bats you can hang before your house needs something different. These seven crafts are fun for kids but also festive and eye-pleasing enough to put out for your party guests. Let them enjoy being part of the team that creates the Halloween magic this year.

Halloween Lanterns

Candles and lights can project a Halloween atmosphere and feel. These DIY paper lanterns with Halloween scenes are the perfect project for older kids. You’ll love displaying the finished products around the house. Vellum paper is the only specialty material you’ll need, so plan a quick trip to the craft store and let the kids get creative! Make sure that kids understand the idea of drawing their shapes, then cut out the negative space so that the black paper reveals the shadowy figures for a spooky effect.

Ghost Candles

While the older kids are busy making paper lanterns, have the younger crowd contribute to the lighting project by making these ghost candles. Plain white candle jars are easy to find at any dollar store, so get plenty for everyone to make several. The littlest kids can use face stickers to create their ghosts, while older siblings can use permanent black markers. Groups of these candles displayed around your home make a simple yet festive atmosphere.

Black Drip Candles

These DIY black drip candles are perfect for using craft materials you likely already have at home. Use a paper towel roll as the base and top with an LED tea light. These candles are safe to use anywhere in the house. Kids can choose whatever Halloween items they want to adhere to the front of the tube, get out the glue gun, and go to work! The hot glue drips create the textural base you’ll paint over later with a black finish. The more glue drips you include, the more realistic the finished product will be! To decorate your common areas, you can make these solid black for an upscale look.

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Floating Ghost

These cute decorations are perfect for hanging on the porch or centering on your dining table. Let your kids help make their workstations by using a tall glass and a round object to help shape the head, then provide pieces of cheesecloth for them to start forming the ghosts. Older kids can then spray the starch themselves or help younger siblings. When the starch is dry and the ghost is stiff, glue on whatever face you want using black construction paper. You can make a variety of sizes for an entire ghost family!

Skull Vase

This craft is it if you’re looking for a spooky yet elegant centerpiece for your Halloween table. Search for foam skulls, pumpkins, cats, and bats at the craft store to use as your base, then cut a hole in the top large enough to fit your glass container. Paint the foam your desired festive color, let the kids get into the nooks and crannies with tiny brushes, and let dry. When finished, fill it with real or fake flowers and display it! You can also serve these with candy for a party centerpiece everyone will love.

Painted Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Decorating the front porch with pumpkins is easy to add a festive touch outside. Still, it’s not always easy to take the time to carve (and a carved pumpkin gets rotten so quickly!). Instead, let your kids decorate the pumpkins with tissue paper scraps for a colorful solution. This project is excellent for even the littlest hands, and kids will have fun choosing their preferred colors and patterns.

Halloween Embroidery Hoop

This fun and sophisticated decoration is ideal for younger kids to practice their fine motor skills. Older kids can learn how to thread needles. Choose an embroidery hoop in an appropriate size for your space. Let kids weave the thread back and forth in a random pattern to create a backdrop. Using a neutral color for the thread is simpler, while a vibrant color can add extra interest to the final product. When done weaving, cut Halloween shapes (bats, cats, etc.) from glitter foam and sew them onto the threaded background.

These projects are fun for kids and elegant enough to display around your house this season. So head to the craft store and get started!