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As parents, we want our kids to know how much we love them! We also want them to understand how important it is to express kindness, empathy, and love for others. Baking with your children is a fun and unique way to express your love – it can also be an incredible teaching and bonding opportunity. It requires many skills: reading a recipe, measuring, stirring, cracking eggs, using the oven, and more! Doing all these things builds your child’s math, vocabulary, and fine motor skills. They’ll also learn kitchen safety, how to plan, and how to keep their cooking space clean – or at least how to clean up the mess afterward!

Start with simple recipes and ask them to help with easy tasks like pouring the flour into the bowl. Eventually, your children will be able to complete entire recipes on their own! You’re giving them the ability to build the skills they’ll need to be independent in their kitchens someday –  meanwhile, they’re building confidence in their abilities and pride in their creations.

We’ve put together a list of fun heart-shaped treats to make with your kiddos! Take this opportunity to tell them why you’re proud of them, and share a special memory. Ask them to write a special note to a grandparent, their other parent, or a sibling so they can practice expressing their love for others.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are an iconic treat because they’re not difficult to make, you can cut them into any shape, and they’re a blank slate for decorating. Here are 7 easy ways to decorate your heart-shaped cookies. Not feeling up to making your cookies from scratch? Use a store-bought dough or cookie box and focus on the decorating fun!

Rice Crispy Treats

Another classic, Rice Cripsy Treats, are so easy to make it’s hard to believe they’re so yummy! Your heart-shaped cookie cutter will make a tasty treat that’s perfect for decorating in a variety of ways. Dip them in chocolate, add sprinkles, or use frosting! Here’s an adorable decorating idea to try!

Decorated Pretzels

Pretzels are already in a heart shape, making them a fun base for your treat. Plus, there’s something about the mix of crunchy, salty, and sweet that’s so yummy! Here’s a cute and easy chocolate idea! If you’re in the mood for a more savory snack, try these Garlic Ranch Pretzels.

Mini Pies

You can make your heart-shaped pies with your favorite fruit, cream, or chocolate fillings. Try this Berry and Nutella recipe for something deliciously irresistible! Once again, you can simplify by buying store-bought dough (use the kind that rolls out into a sheet) or even puff pastry!

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Making your own candy is pretty fun! Check out these homemade heart-shaped gumdrops. They’re made with a JELL-O base, making the recipe simple and delicious.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heart-shaped classic chocolate chip cookies sound like the perfect treat to us! But, if you want to get creative, you can also dip or decorate these. You can also substitute typical milk chocolate chips with dark or white chocolate for a bit of a different flavor!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are super cute, and kids love them! They’re a little trickier to make, so you’ll want to bring your patience and lose your need for perfection the first time around! Here’s a fun recipe to try!

Cinnamon Rolls

Ready to step up your baking game? Homemade cinnamon rolls take some skill and patience but are worth the effort. Here’s a fun heart-shaped recipe – or, if you want to go the faster route, you can use store-bought dough and spend your efforts shaping and decorating!

Whatever heart-shaped recipe you make with your kids, remember it’s more about the experience than the final product. Take the opportunity to teach them something new and enjoy spending time together!