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Having children doesn’t mean surrendering all of your style and decorating desires. You can decorate with function and durability in mind! These tips will help you incorporate your style as you decorate your family’s home:

Start With Functional

Parenting is hard stuff. Whatever you can do to make your daily life easier is almost always worth the time and expense. Here are some ideas to create functionality within your home:

  • Set your home up so it’s easy for your children to clean up with attractive, labeled containers and baskets. 
  • Store items that your kids need and can have access to down low where they can reach them, and keep valuable, breakable items out of reach. 
  • Make sure to have plenty of comfortable seating in the main areas where you hang out – this may mean long benches in the kitchen and bean bag chairs or large pillows in the family room. 

Shop With Durability in Mind

When buying furniture, you can either go with inexpensive items (lower-end stores, consignment shops, or hand-me-downs) so you won’t be upset if they get damaged – or you can spend money on quality furniture that wears well and is easy to clean. Some tips for selecting durable items include:

  • Choose tables with a weathered look so knicks won’t be as noticeable. 
  • Purchase couches with performance fabrics or use slipcovers as protection. 
  • Use outdoor rugs and rugs with patterns that’ll last longer and are less likely to show stains. 
  • Avoid white and light colors that easily get discolored and stain. 

Keep Safety in Mind

Of course, the number one priority is that your children are safe in your home. Here are some easy childproofing ideas: 

  • Coffee tables account for a large number of child accidents each year because they’re just the right height for children to bump or fall into. Select a sturdy, non-breakable table with rounded corners – or better yet, use a large cushioned ottoman.
  • Toppling shelving units are another common hazard. Take a walk around your house and imagine your child climbing up each piece of furniture. What needs to be secured to the wall so it won’t fall on top of and injure your child?  
  • When your child first starts moving, they’ll be so excited about the new freedom that they’ll want to explore everything! Childproofing your home not only protects your child, it also allows them to safely play and navigate their world without having to be told no at every turn. As they get older and learn what’s unsafe, much of the childproofing can be removed. 

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Create Adult Spaces

If you want a space for your white couches and rugs, antiques, and other valuable items, consider designating specific rooms as formal or adult areas. These spaces in your home can be off-limits to your children or at least require supervision. If you don’t have a whole room to devote, maybe it’s a hutch filled with delicate items or a high shelf. You can even use trays to bring out nicer items when you have company over, that can be put away when kids are playing.

When creating these spaces a few things you’ll want to think through:

  • What are the rules for these spaces and items?
  • Will I be okay if something is accidentally damaged?
  • Can my child reasonably hold boundaries at this age?

Be Playful in Your Decorating

Rather than continually trying to hide and clean up the kid objects in your life, try embracing them! Decorating with children’s art, books, and toys can be fun and colorful! It’s also a way to show your pride and love for your children. Ideas include:

  • Showcasing their artwork. 
  • Displaying children’s books facing out on shelves.
  • Decorating your walls with family photographs.
  • Selecting a few special or vintage toys to display on your shelves. 

With an eye toward function and safety, you can create a home that’s comfortable and stylish. While you’ll want to keep your most valuable possessions out of harm’s way, you can also teach your children valuable lessons about taking care of their belongings and your home.