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A new year and new prized possessions mean that it’s time to update the kids’ rooms. Giving their spaces a new, personalized look doesn’t have to break the bank; many updates are easy with supplies you already have at home and a few inexpensive additions from the hardware and craft stores. The best part is that these DIY décor updates are easy enough for your kids to be involved every step of the way! So get out that glue gun and breathe new life into the kids’ spaces with these five projects.

Floating Bookshelves

Updating a kid’s room often involves storing away things they’ve outgrown to make room for new interests. Maybe you have several beloved books that your kids have mostly outgrown but still hold special memories. Instead of giving them away, you can easily create a floating bookshelf to display cherished past and present books—all for the cost of a few metal brackets! Check out a tutorial here for completing this project yourself. The key is that you’ll need 1-2 brackets and a hardcover book for each shelf (you’ll also need Velcro if your books don’t have dust jackets). Your kids will have fun choosing the particular books to showcase, and the “shelf” on top of each book can be used to stack additional volumes or display other treasures.

Cardboard Box Storage Solutions

Updating storage as your kids grow is an easy way to stay on top of clutter, and the more exciting the storage bins are, the easier it is to make cleaning up seem like fun. Try turning all those empty Amazon boxes into storage solutions! This tutorial shows how easy it is to use pieces from old cardboard boxes and some fabric to create new, sturdy bins. For some desktop versions, try using cereal boxes decorated with washi tape or paint; the tutorial here uses the boxes to store magazines and mail, but let your imagination run wild – special letters from friends or this week’s masterpiece-in-progress. Your kids will be so excited to have specialized storage, they won’t mind (much) putting everything away!

Updated Wall Art

It seems like every few months, our kids’ interests change. All of those construction vehicle prints you bought? Nope, now they like jungle animals. Mermaid art all over the wall? Move aside – they now prefer outer space. An easy way to update décor is to reuse the frames from art prints and create your own replacement images. Check out this tutorial for making animal-themed prints using scrapbook paper, and remember that you can apply the technique to any image! Don’t have frames? Try a thrift store or garage sale, and you’ll easily find frames for $1 each (remember, you don’t have to like the art inside!). This update is especially nice because you won’t have to say no when your kids want to change their room décor again in six months – that’ll be easy!

Photo: followtheflow via 123RF

Photo Wall Hanging

As kids get older, they like their rooms to be more personalized. An easy way to achieve that goal is by incorporating photo prints of special memories. Instead of hanging photos in traditional frames, opt for a photo wall hanging – it plays double duty as a memory display and décor! Try this fun version that uses twine and command hooks to put everything on the wall. If you’d like something that you can easily swap photos in and out of over time, take a look at this idea from Urban Outfitters Europe: combining strands of twinkle lights with small clothespins or binder clips will create a magical escape for your kids to enjoy over the years!

Revamp the Little Things

Sometimes you can make the biggest impact by updating the littlest things. If you’d like to change the design or color scheme of a room, think about changing the light switch and outlet plates to match; you can buy new ones at a hardware store or, for more fun and less money, paint or decorate your current ones! Similarly, updating lampshades can go a long way to changing the look of a room. No budget for a new shade? Try gluing ribbon around the rims of your current one to update the look, or check out these other fantastic options for updated shades. Lastly, don’t forget about things like drawer pulls. Buying a new set will give you a lot of bang for your buck, but if you’d like an even cheaper option, buy a can of spray paint and give everything a shiny new finish! These small updates throughout the room will make everything look polished and tied together.

With minimal effort (and even less money!), you’ll be able to help your kids update their rooms this year and show off their ever-changing interests.