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One way to celebrate the arrival of spring is by creating beautiful flower crafts. Using what you already have at home is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to dive into DIY crafting. Want to add a little extra learning? Check out books about flowers from your library or watch an age-appropriate video about how flowers grow or the parts of a flower. 

Since this time of year is often associated with spring cleaning and organizing, here are some tips for craft organization to get you started:

  • Use clear storage containers so you can easily see what products you have.
  • If possible, find a place in your home to keep supplies together. This can be a shelving unit, cabinet, desk, or rolling cart. Ideally, it will be located close to where the crafting takes place.
  • Use a work apron with pockets, a pegboard, or an over the door shoe caddy to store supplies if storage space is minimal.
  • Label all of your containers so supplies get put back where they belong. For younger kids who can’t read yet, use labels with pictures of the items.

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Now, onto the crafts!

Using easy-to-find items or things you already have around the house, any of these ideas can be catered to your kids (you can always utilize more advanced techniques for older children). You may even want to try some out yourself!

  • Tissue Paper makes glorious flowers! Draw the outline of a flower on a piece of paper, and then stick crumpled up pieces of tissue paper on top! Here’s a printable template to use. Older kids can use more advanced techniques to create flowers pretty enough to decorate their rooms.
  • Coffee Filters are a similar material to tissue paper but are already cut into circles. Plus, your kids will have fun coloring them! Read this for tips on coloring and creating beautiful coffee filter flowers.
  • Paper Plates are another circle household item that’s perfect for creating flowers. There are tons of ideas out there, but we’re a bit smitten with this interactive plate where kids can watch their flowers grow!
  • Egg Cartons are another easy and fun way to make flowers. Each egg holder can be made into a flower, with a button, bead, or cut-out circle for the center. Or, make a bigger flower but putting four egg carton parts together.
  • For many kids, getting a bit messy is the best part about crafting! Making handprint flowers allows them to stick their hands right into the paint! Here are several ideas for making handprint flower crafts with your kids.
  • Paper towel or toilet paper rolls can be pinched at one end to make a perfect petal stamp. You can also cut out different shaped petals and create a whole flower stamp. Another fun option is to cut out rings and use the roll itself to create petals.
  • Many fruits and vegetables can be creatively turned into stamps to make interesting flower art. These step-by-step instructions have lots of great tips. 
  • Speaking of food, pasta and cereal are also fun flower crafting materials.
  • These Q-Tip flowers are so realistic they’re used as decor in famous clothing stores or even as wedding decorations! We’re sure yours will also be a fabulous decoration in your home!
  • Want to use good old construction paper? These 3D tulips are fun to create and look beautiful framed on your wall! Older crafty kids may want to look into quilling to create more detailed and beautiful flower pieces.

Once craft time is over, maybe you can find the flowers you created out in the real world. Point out flowers on walks around the neighborhood, and talk about why flowers are so important — and don’t forget to have fun!