African boy playing violin at home.
African boy playing violin at home. Credit: Anna Tolipova via 123RF

Learning to play an instrument is an excellent addition to any child’s development. An appreciation for music and the patience that’s necessary for practicing are both lifelong skills that will serve your child well. It may seem difficult to learn an instrument online if you don’t have access to in-person instruction, but you can find excellent virtual resources with a little digging.

Whether your kids are interested in trying one instrument or several, we’ve rounded up some of the best online resources to help them get started on their musical journeys. Here are 11 great sites to visit, all tailored to your child’s age, ability, and interests!

Violin Lab

If you have a child who’s interested in learning classical violin with traditional techniques, you can’t go wrong with Violin Lab’s accessible $20/month for video access. Paying a bit more will get you individualized support from the creator and instructors during one-on-one video chats.

Justin Guitar

Based on the success of his YouTube videos that helped people of all ages learn to play guitar, Justin created an app that makes learning a new instrument easier than ever. The video instruction is easy to understand and follows a step-by-step approach to learning and mastering the guitar. Download the app to access free lessons for beginners to advanced students. There is some premium content, but most things are available for free, thanks to generous donations from patrons.

Danman’s Music Library

If you’re looking for videos and lessons that go beyond just piano and guitar, Danman’s music offers various instruments and thousands of lessons. For a $100 annual membership, you’ll get access to live and pre-recorded lessons, printable sheet music, and lesson outlines, and much more.

Virtual Drumming

Kids love drumming, but parents don’t always love the noise! For those who don’t have access to drums or in-person instructors, these free virtual drum lessons will help your child learn about reading music, technique, and drumming along to popular songs, all from home!

Piano Nanny

For older kids (and adults!), these free piano lessons offer simple video and audio files for use on desktop and/or mobile. There aren’t flashy graphics or exciting games, but the straightforward approach is useful for those who want a solid foundation. These free resources will teach you enough to get on the road to being a confident pianist!

Portrait of black little girl watching online music lesson with mother and playing guitar at home.
Portrait of black little girl watching online music lesson with mother and playing guitar at home. Credit: seventyfour74 via 123RF

Fiddle Quest

If your kids are interested in the violin but seem to enjoy livelier music than the traditional options, try re-branding the instrument as a fiddle! The art of fiddling goes beyond just learning how to play the right notes and chords; being comfortable playing with other musicians in crowds is an important part of the tradition. For $12.50/month, Fiddle Quest offers a great addition to fiddle lessons by building community and encouraging kids to practice at home. The site can also help you connect with a teacher if you don’t have one already (virtual or in-person).

Hoffman Academy

One of the highest-rated online piano programs for a reason, Hoffman Academy offers a complete curriculum for kids of all ages and levels. There is free content available, or you can choose a variety of plan options starting at $18/month. Not only do your kids get videos, but there are games, printable resources, and more, all customized to your child’s age and ability. You can watch free videos on their YouTube channel to see if you like the approach before buying.

My Music Workshop

If you’re looking for a well-rounded and versatile curriculum, try My Music Workshop. They offer piano, ukulele, drum, and general music education for kids. The videos are fun and engaging and not too long! Watch sample videos on their YouTube channel and try free for 7 days before paying about $12/month.

PGN Piano

A straightforward and completely free library of piano songs, PGN Piano on YouTube has a huge catalog of instructions for specific songs and techniques on the piano. This is a great supplementary resource for kids and adults who have learned the basics and are looking for ways to continue improving their technique and repertoire.

Kids Guitar Zone

For a laidback, accessible approach to learning guitar, try this free YouTube content that uses simple and popular songs to teach guitar techniques. An extensive collection of lessons allows your children to choose the content that interests them most first, fostering a sense of ownership and independence.

Take Lessons

If you’re looking for a private, one-on-one music teacher or tutor, this is the place to start. You can browse and search based on location, language, instrument, price, availability—everything! This is a great option for supplementing free services or getting your child started off on the right foot.

Try one or more of these online lessons today, and get ready to hear music fill your home in no time!