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Cold days outside mean the kids are indoors and need activities! Embrace the weather with these eight fun snowman crafts that use materials you likely have on hand already—there’s something for every age and crafting ability!

Snowman Fingerprints/Footprints

Creating crafts that serve as keepsakes is a great way to get your kids excited about preserving memories. For preschoolers and older kids, set out the white paint and have them dip a finger or foot in to coat evenly. They can put their print on a blue background by itself or in groups of multiple snowy friends! After the paint dries, have the kids decorate their snowmen to add buttons, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Snowman Tin Can Windchime

This activity is excellent for a snowman craft that you can display indoors or out! Older kids can complete everything themselves, while the younger crowd will need help with assembly. The basic structure requires three tin cans, some pom poms/pipe cleaners, white paint, string, and washers. Kids can paint the cans with regular tempera or acrylic paint, but use a mix of shaving cream and glue for a fluffier look. Have them place the features while the paint is still a bit wet, and let everything dry before assembly. If you’d like to make this a wind chime as well, hang extra washers along the string so that they hit against the cans in the breeze!

Magnetic Snowman

For a craft that’s also a fine-motor activity, this magnetic snowman is the perfect option. Have your kids paint a metal cookie tin white and cut out snowman accessories from colored foam pieces. Attach magnetic tape or rounds to the backs of the accessories (you may need to use hot glue if the adhesive isn’t sticking well enough to the foam). When everything is dry, the kids can create an endless variety of snowman faces on the front of the tin, then store everything inside for easy cleanup!

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Snowman Suncatcher

Real snowmen melt in the sun, but these clever craft versions will look lovely catching some rays in the window. Cut out a black snowman outline ahead of time for the kids, then place the outlines on a piece of contact paper (sticky side up). Let the kids decorate the middle of the snowman with glitter glue or white tissue paper pieces. You can even mix in some light blue tissue paper for added color. Kids can then use black/orange/brown tissue paper for the snowman’s accessories, or you can pre-cut these items for smaller kids. Place another piece of contact paper on top to seal it off when everything is stuck on, then cut around the outside. Hang your snowman in the window to watch the sunlight filter through all season!

Cotton Ball Snowman

This cotton ball snowman is an excellent choice for small kids working on their fine motor skills. Print a template or simply draw a snowman outline on paper for the kids, then let them glue on the cotton balls to fill in the shape. For the littlest ones, dot some glue around first and have them just place the cotton. Older kids can practice using an appropriate amount of glue. Add accessories with cardstock, craft sticks, or felt!

K-Cup Snowman

If you have a coffee maker that uses K-cups or other pods, save the used ones for this easy craft. After cleaning out the coffee and filter, have kids paint one black and two white (if different colors). Glue a black cardstock circle to one for a hat, then paint on a face and buttons to the white pods. Glue all three together to form a cute snowman that can sit anywhere!

Egg Carton Snowman

Upcycle an egg carton for this fun activity! Have the kids cut out three carton sections and paint them white. Use paper, paints, and fabric to make the accessories, and glue them on in the appropriate spots. Using real buttons is a fun way to add texture to these snowmen, while googly eyes make them whimsical. Pipe cleaners can serve as earmuffs for a final touch before these snowman friends are displayed propped against a shelf or hanging from a hook!

Chalk Snowman

A fun craft that lets kids get a little messy, these pastel snowman outlines are perfect for decorations or art prints that can go on cards or stationery. Have your kids trace around a snowman outline with pastel chalk to make a thick line, then remove the template and let them gently smear the pastel line outwards to make a nice fuzzy outline. They can add face and button details with markers before spraying the project with a clear coat to prevent further smudges.

Your kids will love these snowman crafts to bring some light and fun to the cold winter days!