As Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Keion Henderson has quickly built a huge following by giving his members a space of healing, empowerment, and authentic worship. He does that at the five locations of church, and now, is giving people across the world the opportunity at his CRYOUT conference.

The highly anticipated two-day event will build upon the conference’s exponential growth and popularity as an engaging faith-based events. With attendees from the greater Houston area and beyond, this year’s event will feature inspirational sessions by distinguished guest speakers interspersed with musical performances by inspirational artists who are breaking barriers and leading in their respective fields.

“Cry Out is a transformative spiritual experience where we suffuse the atmosphere to collectively express the unresolved pain, obstacles and challenges we face,” said Pastor Keion. “The restorative environment is designed to facilitate letting go of the deep-rooted trauma, fear and emotional baggage carried within our hearts. This is the place where we liberate the past with an embrace of the present to reclaim our future. We believe the future belongs to those who cry out. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, when they cried out the Lord heard them. So what we want to do is bring people together to make a unanimous sound to move them. And not just get God involved in our worship, but in our businesses, our families, our careers, our emotional health and mental health.”

Pastor Keion and Shane Henderson.

“Culturally, we’re taught to hold things,” added his wife, Shaunie Henderson. “This is one of those times we say it’s okay to cry out. We should talk about things that hurt that make us uncomfortable. People think crying out is coming in and falling out at the altar and I don’t think that’s what it is at all and being allowed a safe space.”

Cry Out will convene inspirational, enlightening, and motivational speakers to help attendees break patterns of bondage to emancipate powers within that fuel future growth and evolution. Notable speakers will share wisdom on a variety of topics, including personal and professional wellbeing, mental health, faith, and relationships unleashing pain, and instilling hope and decisive action toward a brighter tomorrow.

Recognized as one of the nation’s most exciting emerging conferences, Cry Out began at The LighthouseChurch and has quickly blossomed into one of the ministry’s most popular and anticipated events. This year’s conference is expected to draw thousands of multigenerational attendees to participate in inspirational sessions, lively musical performances, and a variety of engaging and exciting events. Cry Out will help attendees unleash the power of manifestation toward personal and professional growth and development across all aspects of their lives.

Cry Out attendees can expect dynamic programming and a spiritual celebration, including the experientialCry Out wall alongside titans of business and powerhouse artists who have joined the conference to lend their voices and expertise. “It’s healing, inspiring, exciting and entertaining,” beams Pastor Keion. “And it will be an unforgettable redemptive experience.”

Some of this year’s speakers will be comprised of a robust lineup of talent from Pastor Mike Todd, and Dr. Caroline Leaf to Pastor John F. Hannah and Dr. Eric Thomas (the Hip Hop Preacher).  

Powerhouse musical performances from Le’Andria Johnson, Dr. Tim Godfrey, and Chandler Moore will keep hearts uplifted throughout the event. Visit for more.