As Women’s History Month comes to an end, the importance of giving back to the community and continuing to build your brand as a woman today are core issues attorney Shari Bihms places emphasis on.

Bihms’ philosophy of life explains the source of her community service, “We can’t get too big, too important or too successful where we become too far removed from what’s too small or too real.  Groundwork is needed during these times,” Bihms said.

When asked who are her sheroes or women she looks up to, Bihms credits her mom Sharlyn Gentry and her grandmother Mackee Gentry for their independence, strength, sacrifice and resilience.  Reflecting on how her grandmother impacted her life, Bihms said, “she was the first person who not only introduced me to my faith, God and Jesus Christ, but she modeled what it meant to be a faithful Christian.”

The native of Independence Heights in Houston, Bihms says, “Giving back is so important because this is the only way the world can continue to rotate.  You receive, you give back and the cycle repeats.  I believe it’s my duty as a servant in the community to God’s people.”

Armed with an undergraduate degree from Howard University, a master’s degree from Prairie View A&M and a law degree from Texas Southern University, Bihms founded The Lady League and Gents, Inc., an organization with the mission of building the character and confidence of underserved youth.  The organization founded in 2013, serves youth 13+ and aims to create a loving atmosphere with high expectations of success.

When asked about the challenges and obstacles facing women, Bihms admits she has faced sexism in school, the workplace and in relationships however she still says it’s important for women to be in leadership roles.

“It is viable for women to be in leadership roles to add balance to the positions that have been held by only men for ages,” Bihms commented.  “We are just as valuable to any setting and probably offer more skills than men in some aspects.  Women are no longer at home- nurturers and breeders.  We have progressively cultivated our powers and must assume positions rightfully owed.”

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