As a nurse clinical coordinator at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, Myrla Balderas, RN, was surprised when she received a call directly from a patient. Usually, she speaks with physicians or nurses on behalf of their most complex obstetric patients to obtain the detailed medical information she needs to place each patient with the most appropriate care team. This patient, however, had just learned of a serious and time-sensitive complication to her pregnancy. She had called the right person. 

“My heart just broke out for her. I worked on her case, and we were able to get her seen almost immediately,” said Balderas. “The level of communication that we have, the amount of compassion and care that we have just exemplifies who we are and how we treat our patients.”

Advocating for women and children

Balderas’ passion for maternal care started in high school, where her school’s health career program took her to a low-income clinic for pregnant women. 

“It fascinated mee., The connection, the passion these midwives had for the patients,” she said.

Balderas’ role at the Pavilion for Women helps foster that connection between patients and providers. The Pavillion opened its doors in 2012 to give children and women the best possible care available. Welcoming women in all stages of life, whether their medical needs are routine or complex, the Pavilion for Women is a level IV maternal care facility, which means it offers the highest level of care and the greatest breadth of treatment options available in obstetrics and gynecology. While the Pavilion for Women offers the latest in surgical and diagnostic technologies, its focus is on family-centered care. That means obstetricians and neonatologists are part of the same team, and medical treatments go hand-in-hand with psychosocial wellbeing. Every detail of a patient’s experience is carefully planned to maximize good health. 

Keeping patients safe during COVID-19

The goal of maximizing good health became a unique challenge during the pandemic. 

“Texas Children’s prides itself on ensuring first and foremost the safety of patients and all visitors,” said Balderas. Careful thought and planning has ensured that necessary COVID-19 precautions do not interfere with the patient’s experience and medical care. If a patient contracts COVID-19, she receives extra support from clinic staff to monitor for signs of complications and maintain her routine care. 

Balderas understands that the precautions and uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic have been uniquely stressful to pregnant women. Her team has put extra effort into their communication with patients during this time. 

“We highly encourage all of our patients to send us any questions they have through our portal system,” she said. “Our team of nurses is one of the best. Sometimes our patients think that our patient advice requests are like instant messages, that’s how quickly we respond.” 

Personalized, holistic care

When patients come to the pavilion, they know they’ve found a team that truly cares about their needs.

“We all just love our patients. We go out of our way for our patients,” she said. “We provide in every which way we can, the best care that we can for our patients.” 

To make an appointment at the Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, call the appointment desk at 832-826-3000.