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You’re not alone if you’ve noticed a growing buzz about crystals and their use for better health and happiness. Harnessing the power of these colorful stones is a popular pursuit. Many people who practice meditation find that crystals boost the value of their sessions. If you’d like to add crystals to your routine, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Crystals Throughout History

Crystals have enchanted humans for centuries. We can trace these stones’ history by looking at ancient civilizations’ writings, drawings, and even artifacts. Some of the first mentions of crystals appear in writings by Roman authors in the 1st century A.D. Evidence of crystals in Egyptian culture is plentiful, with examples on tombs and etchings. 

For centuries, poets and historians have linked crystals with mystical powers, healing, and human emotions. Whether imbued with divine and magical energy or simply a collection of atoms, crystals can transmit energy and absorb frequencies (like the quartz used in watches, for example). The meaning behind this transmission changes from culture to culture across time.

Now, crystals are back in mainstream culture as the popularity of pursuits like yoga and meditation grows. Many crystal enthusiasts also point to the growing research on the brain-body connection as a support for their use. Whether or not the object has any intrinsic power or if your brain believes it does, your body might respond. It’s important to remember that crystals have been used in many cultures for centuries and are sacred in some practices. Use crystals and associated terminology respectfully to honor those cultures.

Crystal Meanings and Uses

Crystals can have different meanings for different people. The most important aspect of a crystal is your connection to it and the meaning you feel “fits.” Because crystals and their use are deeply personal, there isn’t one interpretation of the energies. However, there are general attributes that crystals often have. If you’re a beginner, here are some of the traits and uses associated with common meditation crystals.

  • Clear quartz: the most diverse single crystal to have since it supports all energies and intentions
  • Amethyst: used for strengthening willpower and sincerity
  • Rose quartz: encourages love and trust
  • Citrine: helps promote joy and lightheartedness
  • Lapis lazuli: promotes clear communication and inner observation
  • Black tourmaline: helps guard against dark energy and negativity
  • Selenite: helps focus and clarity of mind
  • Labradorite: acts as a third eye to help awaken your insight

Photo: Vetre Antanaviciute Meskauskiene via 123RF

How to Choose the Right Crystal

When using crystals for healing, meditation, or any other pursuit, the best crystal is the one you value. Crystals harness and transmit energy, so any feelings of doubt or suspicion about the crystal’s usefulness will come through. Many say that crystals “speak to them” or exude palpable energy. Try to shop for crystals in person so you can hold them and find ones that feel right. Size, weight, shape, and finish can change how a crystal feels. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the right fit.

Improve Meditation with Crystals

If you’re interested in deepening your meditation practice with crystals, there are several things you can do. Holding crystals in your right hand during meditation can help transmit the crystal’s energy through your body. Choose a crystal that resonates with your intentions for the session. If you have trouble focusing, use selenite or labradorite to ease your mind into the right frame.

Alternatively, place crystals on your body during meditation. Lying down, put crystals on their associated chakras to harness the power of your energies. Chakras are the seven “energy centers” that run along your spine in your body. Crystals that help open your mind, for example, go on your crown chakra at the top of the head. Crystal-like rose quartz goes on your heart chakra. A crystal designed for grounding and stability, like black tourmaline, is placed on your root chakra at the base of your spine. Continue your meditation as normal and notice the enhanced energy you receive from the crystals. 

Whether you use crystals regularly or sporadically to overcome obstacles, your time spent harnessing the positive power of these stones can make a difference in your meditation practice.