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Many of us have shifted to working out primarily at home, but there’s a limit to what a yoga mat and jump rope can accomplish. Investing in high-tech equipment can be worth the cost to maximize your options for fitness. 

Smart home systems are appealing because you can connect your workout gear to streaming services to access thousands of live and cataloged sessions from world-class instructors and track your stats and progress effortlessly. For all these smart gym options, make sure to factor monthly subscription costs into the pricing. Most virtual workouts, personal trainers, and live classes are only available to subscribers. Beyond the price tag, your home gym should energize you and encourage consistent workouts to reach your fitness goals. So, read on to see which pieces of equipment sound the best for your ultimate workout retreat.

Smart Bikes

Perhaps the most talked-about smart home gym equipment these days, smart bikes are an excellent way to get a high-intensity cardio workout from home. The streaming component offers competitive live classes, personal training sessions, and hundreds of customizable playlists, depending on the model you choose. High-end models offer additional perks like resistance that automatically adjusts to follow an instructor’s routine or a rotating screen so that you can also follow along during cool-down off the bike. While Peloton is a leader in the field, the SoulCycle At-Home Bike mimics studio experiences and is an excellent option for those who enjoy a more casual ride.

Smart Mirrors

If you’d like a little bit of everything with the smallest footprint possible, invest in a smart mirror workout system. This option is ideal for those who want various instructor-led and live courses available—everything from yoga to kickboxing—along with the option to track fitness metrics and integrate additional accessories like weights. Images of instructors in the mirror alongside your reflection can help fine-tune your form and take your training to the next level. Mirror, the original product, is still popular and routinely releases new integrated accessories. At the same time, Tempo is an excellent model for those who want to mix and match components.

Smart Weights

If you still head to the gym to use the full rack of weights or leg machines, investing in smart weights for your home may be worth the initial expense. Instead of needing space for various sizes, smart weights use a combination of magnets and electronics to adjust the weight with the push of a button. The Tonal system has a weight bench and resistance bands that combine with an integrated screen to store your stats, stream classes, and instruct on your form. You can complete full-body strength training with a minimal footprint. Tempo also offers strength training components to pair with their smart mirror system or use alone with a personal screen.

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Rowing Machines

Rowers are an often-overlooked piece of exercise equipment for a full-body workout that are perfect for home gyms. Smart rowers offer a small footprint (most fold up vertically), so they’re a solid option for cramped spaces. Unlike bikes and treadmills, rowers engage a larger percentage of your muscles for a longer time, giving you strength, resistance, and cardio in one machine. The integrated smart screens offer training (crucial for proper rowing form), virtual trips through outdoor lakes, and more. For an authentic water experience, the Ergatta is a sleek choice, while NordicTrack offers various screen sizes and interactive training sessions.

Fitness Trackers

No matter your equipment, having a high-quality fitness tracker is vital to reaching your wellness goals. While many products have their own metrics that you can monitor during a session, having a separate watch to log all of your fitness activity is intelligent. You can seamlessly move between workouts and maintain an accurate measure of your heart rate, steps, and more. Popular options like FitBit and AppleWatch can pair with almost all equipment, but check your model before making a big purchase. Along with wearing a fitness watch as part of your daily routine, buying a smart scale can help you measure progress towards various goals, including body fat percentage, water retention, bone/muscle mass, and more.

Recovery Gear

An integral part of working out is the cool-down and recovery, so don’t skimp on the high-tech equipment in this area of your routine. Many products offer stretching and gentle recovery classes, so look for those options in whatever subscription you choose. Beyond trainer-led sessions, invest in a high-tech foam roller to help stretch muscles and ease any pain. A Theragun can also target tense or strained muscles (even in hard-to-reach places), making it easier to continue your workout the next day. Anything that uses vibration or electric pulses to stimulate your muscles will help make your post-workout recovery more effective.

Check out these products to upgrade your home gym to world-class status!