For over 20 years she’s proven that she can do it all — Kelly Rowland is a pop superstar, seasoned actress, proud mommy of two Black boys and now the author of a new book that will help hard-working parents just like her. Minus all those GRAMMYs, of course.

Always with You, Always with Me is a new children’s novel by the Destiny’s Child star, which she’s hoping will make things easier for those who can relate to the anxiety of leaving children when heading out to work. In an interview with TODAY, Rowland said, “I’ve been away from Titan and Noah for two weeks, and I miss them with every fiber of my being,” driving her point by adding, “Last week in Africa, this week here in Atlanta filming.”

For those not aware, she’s currently on set working on the upcoming film Fantasy Football with Marsai Martin. For this reason, the star can attest to everything in the book illustrated by artist Fannie Liem. Rowland co-authored it with her friend Jessica McKay, who’s also an English teacher. Playdates with their sons led to the idea of collaborating, with the GRAMMY-winning singer stating, “I love the opportunity to get a chance to work with another woman and be able to help or point in a direction wherever I can.”

In terms of personal inspiration, Kelly, mother to 7-year-old Titan and 1-year-old Noah, says her boys made for the ultimate inspiration, stating, “I want him (Titan) to always understand that I’m working, but I’m working to provide for him and his brother. His father is working to provide for him and his brother. And we’ll work hard, and I want him to see that work ethic because I want him to take it into his generation.”

Always with You, Always with Me is available now at major book retailers. Shoutout to all the hard-working parents out there!