Even without a team, Colin Kaepernick continues to put these athletes to shame with his good deeds.

The former QB for the San Francisco 49ers jumped feet first into an ongoing campaign to get food and water to the African nation of Somalia, which is facing a famine that could affect more than 6.2 million Somalis. Nearly 3 million are in desperate need of help immediately.

Though there are reports of Somalis abroad helping their people through technology, celebrities and others have heeded the humanitarian call. French social media star Jerome Jarre started the campaign, “Turkish Airlines Help Somalia” with Ben Stiller and others.

Hours after that went up, an afroed Kaepernick made a video on Instagram, saying he was all in, with the words, “Mainstream media is not covering this! Make a video in your own language and help us get aid to the many people in Somalia who need it! Use the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia and @TurkishAirlines . We can be the difference!”

After Turkish Airlines agreed to provide a plane, Kaepernick issued a thank you statement on Twitter and asked that folks support a GoFundMe page created by Jarre, which as of press time, has raised nearly $1.5 million.

“This is a victory for the people of Somalia. Use the hashtag “LoveArmyfor Somalia, let’s keep building, let’s keep going,” says Kaepernick in the video.

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