When people think about Black love and Hollywood, they often think about couples like Denzel and Pauletta, Samuel Jackson and LaTanya Richardson, Barack and Michelle. But one couple often forgotten in such conversations about long-lasting love is Ice Cube and wife Kimberly Woodruff.

They’ve been married since 1992 and will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary later this year. When speaking on what his wife and their relationship means to him to PEOPLE Now, Cube, born O’Shea Jackson, made it clear that Kimberly is “everything” to him.

“We’ve been together since ’89,” he said while promoting his Vh1 series, Hip Hop Squares. “So to us, we’re almost celebrating our 28th together. But as far as a married couple, ’92, November 28th. It feels great. I’m glad she’s stuck with me all of this time and not kicked me to the curb.”

Kimberly is the mother of the rapper and actor’s four children and can often be seen by his side, especially at movie premieres. When actress Alexandra Shipp met her to portray Kim in Straight Outta Compton, she described her as “the dopest woman ever.” She said that it was clear that the couple are “each other’s cheerleader, they are each other’s business partner, they are best friends.” Ice Cube would agree.

“She’s been everything,” he said. “This business looks like it’s exciting all of the time, but sometimes it can get lonely. Especially when you’ve got a project out there and you really don’t have a place to kind of fall back on somebody who knows you for real and knows everything about you. Just to have her there fighting these battles with me this whole career has been awesome.”

When asked to offer advice to other stars who seems to struggle to find their match while making their mark in the industry, Ice Cube shared a tip that everyone can benefit from.

“I think you’ve got to be friends first. A lot of people get together and they want to go and do their thing and jump right into a relationship, but I think that’s the wrong approach. You’ve got to have somebody you’re cool with, that you’re friends with and then start the relationship.”

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