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Kelly Rowland admits she really enjoyed giving birth

Having a baby is more than having a baby (even though the act of having a baby seems like a process no one would willingly call upon her body to do). But having a baby means making. a. human.


Babies are adorable, but that only lasts but so long, and then, that kid grows up and you’re responsible for this human life for the rest of your life. You guys, that sounds insane! Maybe that’s just me?

But Kelly Rowland thought parenthood sounded absolutely sublime, so she did it! This mother, singer, actress, best-all-around superstar is one of those women who enjoyed pregnancy and, yes, giving birth. More power to her!

Rowland stopped by The Root to let us know all about her new book, Whoa Baby!During her pregnancy, “weird” things started happening to Rowland’s body, so naturally, she asked her doctor, Tristan Bickman, all the questions. Their interactions inspired Rowland to team up with Dr. Bickman to write Whoa Baby, which is basically “a guide for new moms who feel overwhelmed and freaked out (and wonder what the #*$& just happened).”

Not only did we gab about her new book, but Kelly also opened up about being a new mom, and somehow, she made having a kid sound like a whole lot more than random mystery stains and stickiness. Check out the video above.

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