Keke Palmer and her "baby daddy" Darius Jackso
Keke Palmer and her "baby daddy" Darius Jackso Credit: Derek White/Getty

Keke, do you love me?

No, I’m not talking about the Drake song…I’m referring to the song KeKe Palmer’s boyfriend is probably singing while in the shower these days. In case you haven’t heard, KeKe went to see Usher in Vegas recently and Usher was ushering…which means he was serenading the ladies. In this case, lady. That’s right, he got up close and personal on KeKe, who clad in lingerie, a sexy dress, appeared to be loving every minute of Usher’s sexy serenade. Her father, baby daddy decided that rather than talk to her in person, he should take to social media and shame her, telling her she shouldn’t be dancing on Usher, dressed like that because she was “a motha.” Well, he forgot, she’s also a boss. So while social media ignited with their two cents, KeKe started a t-shirt line and dropped some music. No word on whether her relationship will survive the storm that ensued, but no doubt, KeKe is landing on top. I usually mind the business that pays me, but I can’t help but give props to KeKe on how she’s handled this whole debacle and made lemonade (with a side of tequila) out of lemons.

SCOTUS scandal

The Supreme Court of yesterday is no more. Gone are ethics, standards, and answering to the American people. The court has found itself embroiled in controversy. Whether it’s Justice Clarence Thomas sending his relative to school on a Republican megadonor’s dime or Justice Samuel Alito reportedly taking a lavish trip with a billionaire with cases before the court, the Supreme Court is rife with ethics scandals. And it’s not just the right-leaning Justices either. Sonia Sotomayer is under fire for requesting libraries order her books (as an author, I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with that???)….But I feel like these justices do what they want to do…..and Clarence is saying “Who gon check me, Boo?” All I know is there needs to be a serious overhaul of ethics in the Supreme Court. But I won’t hold my breath.

New Threads

Are you on the new social media app, Threads? Well, 100 million folks are, including some employees of Twitter. Ever since Meta launched its competitor to Twitter, Elon Musk has been attempting to tear it down, denouncing Threads’ approach to content moderation and threatening to sue for the supposed theft of “trade secrets”. Some of his employees, however, are thoroughly enjoying the new app. I admit, I love it. It’s full of positivity and few ads, though I’m not holding out for that to last long. I do however, feel bad for the brothers who released Spill, days before Threads. The problem is Spill required an invite, and simply wasn’t easy to sign up for. Threads, which merged your Instagram account, stole the thunder of Spill before they could even get off the ground. Word to the wise, don’t make stuff difficult for Black folks because we will quickly move on. Still wishing the brothers luck, though.

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