Looks like Takeoff from the Migos was prevented from doing just that on Friday.

Like our fearless leader Danielle Belton, it seems as if a Delta flight attendant did not recognize the bubblin’ rap trio and therefore didn’t know that this would be bad bad bad (and so not boujee) for Delta’s publicity.

TMZ reports that before the flight left the ground heading from Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa, a flight attendant approached Takeoff, Quavo and Offset, and asked Takeoff to move his book bag from out of the aisle.

Delta said that the crew “repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seat belts and stow carry-on in overhead bins,” which resulted in Takeoff being asked to go “that way.”

After Takeoff was put off, Offset, Quavo and their manager also got off the plane, but their story was a little different.

The Migos said that Takeoff didn’t move his book bag out of the aisle because he was asleep. In video posted by TMZ, the manager is heard telling a Delta crew member that they were going to sue because the group did nothing wrong. He also said they were being racially profiled—imagine that!

Delta must have agreed because the Migos made that Iowa concert on time — apparently on an “entire plane” just for them.

Migos (manager?) took to IG to mumble a little rap about the resolution.

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