When it comes to why we love Beyoncé the reasons run rampant. Her hustle. Her drive. Her charm. Her talent. There’s a reason she’s queen! You don’t have to be a member of the BeyHive to love everything Queen Bey. We take a look at just some of the reasons folk love Beyoncé Knowle.

#10: She loves the skin she’s in

Beyoncé reminds us of us (well, if we had a billion dollars in the bank). She embraces her curved and urges young women and men to appreciate their natural beauty.

#9: She’s immensely talented

She’s a triple threat who can sing, dance and act. She’s worked so hard to develop her raw talent. As a child, Beyoncé demonstrated astounding range; a special gift that continued to evolve through training and practice. She knows how to compose herself during intense dance routines, and she handles her business during more subdued performances as well. And so, it’s Beyoncé’s artistry, technique and vulnerability that makes her unique, as she’s perfected all the little things that makes her such an affecting performer.

Feature: INDIO, CA – APRIL 14: Beyonce Knowles performs onstage during 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival Weekend 1 at the Empire Polo Field on April 14, 2018 in Indio, California. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella)

#8: She carries hot sauce in her bag

Yeah, we know that’s just a line in her song, but it’s one of the things that endears her fans to her – she’s a homegirl who does ‘homegirl’ stuff. Things we can all relate to.

#7: She loves her fans

The “BeyHive” is a worldwide collective of Beyoncé fans that stand loyally by their girl. Every pop star has a devoted following, of course, however Beyoncé’s rabid fan base literally affects pop culture narratives. Through digital media, the Hive actively investigates Beyoncé haters and defends their Queen Bey with extraordinary passion. It’s true that some may be too committed and dramatic, but many BeeHive members follow Beyoncé’s lead by staying positive. With that being said, the BeyHive will swarm together when they feel Beyoncé has been disrespected.

#6: We’ve loved her since Destiny’s Child

In 1998, Beyoncé emerged in pop culture just as the world transitioned to the Internet era. So, the stars aligned for her group Destiny’s Child, and they put in the necessary work to become one of the industry’s most successful girl groups. For Beyoncé, she made headlines through her impeccable performances, professionalism and work ethic, all the while becoming one of music’s most recognizable artists. Year after year, Destiny’s Child delivered the hits, but they also set examples for young women, both with their music and how they carried themselves in public. And so, we love the standard they set for 21st century pop stars.

#5: She can dance

Right from the jump, Beyoncé established a fan base with her exceptional dancing. Her skills developed as a young child when she began taking lessons in her native Houston – so, when Destiny’s Child hit the mainstream, their performance background set them apart. Today, Beyoncé continues to balance sensuality with class in her routines, all the while making them look easy, too. Whether it’s music videos or awards show performances, she always becomes a trending topic, as her technique and form is simply on another level, along with her creativity and progressive approach.

#4: She gives back

Given Beyoncé’s extraordinary wealth, it may not be surprising to learn that she often gives back. But, we love Beyoncé because she doesn’t do it for attention. Plus, her contributions are both monetarily AND culturally significant as well. Along with husband Jay-Z – a mogul in his own right – Beyoncé has quietly donated through her BeyGood Foundation, which has come to the assistance of earthquake victims, hurricane victims, homeless shelters, recovering drug addicts and children battling deadly diseases. And so, Beyoncé makes a difference by investing in communities and the underprivileged, which makes her cultural legacy even stronger.

#3: She speaks up

Though she is extremely private, when she speaks, she makes sure she knows what she’s talking about. She often looks inward to address her own personal conflicts in her music, while simultaneously analyzing the world around her. Some musicians squabble about trivial issues, yet Beyoncé addresses familial drama – motherly drama – and her role as a black woman in modern America. Agree or disagree with her takes, she’s not one to keep silent. Like so many timeless artists that came before her, Beyoncé stays relevant because her opinions are respected within the music industry, and we love that she’s willing to speak her mind.

#2: She’s a true entertainer

Those who have attended a Beyonce show agree on one thing – this girl is on fire! She knows how to put on a show and it has folks talking long after the show wraps up.

#1: She flawlessly reps H-Town

Make no mistake, everybody knows where Beyoncé is from. That’s because she reps her hometown every chance she gets. She’s proud of her roots and lets everyone know it. And we’re here for it all!

Let the People Be Heard

We asked readers to weigh in on why they stan for Beyoncé.

  • “She came onto the scene with Destiny’s Child when I was a teen. Being that she’s a native Houstonian like myself, and we’re the same age, I’ve supported her from the very beginning of her career. I also admire her work ethic.” – Sherron Elise
  • “First she is a Virgo…that alone speaks to her level of excellence. I admire her incredible business savvy as well as her ability to control her personal and professional narrative. Additionally, she is not only changed the entertainment game, she has become the standard in how to market in this social media space. #Shecansing #Sheisatrueentertainer.” – LaDawn Elliott
  • “I’m a perfectionist and I think there are few in the world. Seriously. She’s a perfectionist and I admire that and her work ethic so very much. She pushes through no matter what. And she’s a #virgo which explains a lot.” – Victoria Christopher Murray
  • “It’s a combination of the music, business and her drive to get it done and done with flare. She’s able to balance being bold and subtle and pulls out the Sasha fierce in others to. I had a chance to see her in concert recently and I was in awe. Getting a ticket was a challenge. Finally, a job I worked on got me one even though I had to go out of state to attend.” – Corie Day
  • “I’ve been a fan since DC’s No, No, No but I’ve been a big fan probably since Dream Girls and Renaissance totally put me to Beyhive…the girl can sang….but she puts on a helluva show!  I made a Virgo Season tshirt with metallic/foil vinyl and some leggings that matched.” – Kimyatta Angola
  • “She’s SOOOOOOOOO entertaining! I was a “casual” fan of her music before going to the Formation Tour in 2018. After I went to that tour, I understood the “big deal” about her! She’s got the work ethic, the talent, the voice, the entertainment all in one, which can be had to come by in this day and age; she also leaves a bit of mystique and lets her music/artistry do the talking, which is also so rare these days!” – Essence Clark
  • “I am a fan because she is an entertainer who is grounded and hasn’t forgotten about her roots. She is genuinely southern. She shows real excitement when she is in the presence of other stars when she is a starlet. I believe because of her foundation and the love of her family this queen is going to be around for a long time. That’s one southern girl who doesn’t play.” – Gina Rich
  • “I’ve been a fan since DESTINY’S CHILD days from the very first debut album with the original members. She’s a Virgo who goes all the way out to be a perfectionist. I love her music, her voice, her acting and the humanity side that gives BACK!! She puts on a helluva show!!” Sonya Williams Small
  • “It’s her work ethic for me. I love her grind. She has earned all her glory.” – Starr Crawford.
  • “The mystery! The execution! The talent! The shows! The beauty! The glamour! The style! The class! The elegance! The fashion! The sophistication! The perfection! The work! The effort! The following and proof to the haters on all the aforementioned!!! The damn Beehive! Everything!!! Who else drawing crowds like this?!?” Shawndra Fielder Wiseman

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