The Usher drama is only growing.

Ever since it was revealed that Usher allegedly infected a woman with herpes and subsequently settled with her in a lawsuit over the fact that he had failed to disclose his status to her, more people have come out of the woodwork claiming that they, too, have been in sexual contact with Usher without knowing that he had herpes.

Now, two women and a man are reportedly preparing to file suit against Usher, reports TMZ, claiming that they were not told about his infection prior to sexual contact, despite California law requiring that he do so.

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is expected to hold a news conference on Monday along with the filing itself. One of the women will reportedly be joining Bloom during the news conference, while the other two will remain anonymous as Jane and John Doe.

All three claim that the sexual contact took place after 2012, which is when Usher allegedly settled with the woman that he had infected.

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