Most of us have heard the saying, “Black don’t crack,” referring to ageless Black women. But science is proving there are facts behind that theory. 

“It’s due to the amount of collagen and melanin in the skin,” says makeup artist and skin specialist Kim Roxie, founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty. 

Melanin is a sticky pigment produced by your skin that works like sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV rays. Damage to the skin caused by the harmful rays of the sun is the main reason why signs of aging occur. The kind of melanin found in Black folks is called eumelanin; the more we have of it, the more UV protection we get.

“That’s what makes Black skin age so well,” Roxie says. “And oiliness. Black women complain about how oily our skin is but it’s those oils that are fighting off the wrinkles.”

The Defender is celebrating local ageless beauties who tell us their secrets to making sure they stay healthy and looking younger. 

Leona Butler Penelton, 76

Beauty regimen:I’ve never used beauty products. I only use Dove or Ivory on my face and I make sure I exfoliate regularly.

Tips to looking great: I take frequent naps. Ifyou want to stay looking young, get plenty ofsleep. I also wear lots of hats, that’s like asunscreen.

Shirley Ann Holman-Rockett, 70

Beauty regimen: Dove Beauty Bar. Oil of Olay Moisturizer. Water.Prayer. Rest. Repeat

Tips to looking great: No one gets through life without facing challenges, but my faith and belief in God have given me the strength to endure and cast my cares. I stay active, and I tap into my youth each and every time I’m around my grandchildren, who range in age from 3 to 24.

Maple Morganfield, 69

Beauty regimen: Every day I wash my face and use a moisturizer and foundation to protect my skin for the day. Before I go to sleep I remove my makeup and apply a moisturizer for the evening.

Tips to looking great: I love dressing fashionable, I occasionally go to the gym, I stay active by attending dance classes, but I believe the biggest tip to looking great is my spirit and smile.

Billye J. Moutra, 64

Beauty regimen:When I wake up, I pray, drink water, stretch, brush my teeth, wash my face with soap and water, then shower. I only use baby lotion and Vaseline on my skin and just a little makeup. 

Tips to looking great:Get plenty of peaceful rest, exercise and eat healthy.  Be confident in what you wear and by all means, wear bold colors and keep red lipstick handy.

Deborah Simmons, 59

Beauty regimen:
I have cleansed and moisturized my face with Pears Soap, Witch Hazel Toner and Oil of Olay since high school! My motto is, “If it still works, why change it?” 
Tips to looking great:I believe genetics play a large part into our overall health. However, I use every opportunity to walk. My diet consists of lots of fruits and veggies and I implement portion control. I don’t believe in denying myself anything. I eat whatever I want; in moderation. All I need is a sliver of dessert. 

Crystal Bonner, 56

Beauty regimen: Keeping skin clean, exercise, diet and lots and lots of water.

Tips to looking great:  Being stress-free, living my best life, the love of my husband of 34 years and our two beautiful children and always being happy.

Tamara Jones Davidson, 50

Beauty regimen: My Beauty Regimen consists of the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Skincare Line, exercise daily, and PH balanced water.

Tips to looking great: My essentials tools for looking great are using sunscreen, moisturizing your skin, using anti-aging products, adequate sleep every evening, exercising and dressing appropriately for my age.

Andrea Jones-Mackey, 47

Beauty regimen:Exfoliate your skin twice a week and moisturize with Oil of Olay for smoother, soft youthful skin.

Tips to looking great:A good night’s rest and drinking plenty of ginger and lemon water daily.

Jaie Williams, 47 

Beauty Regimen: Daytime – Face Soap and Clarity,rinse with cool water.Moisturize with Vitamin C + turmeric (my own concoction…lol)Then prime and apply my makeup for the day.Nightime – Face wash & Clarity after Loreal Pure Clay Cleanser. Moisturize with Rosehip and massage with beauty bar for 15 minutes a night. Rosewater and Vaseline under my eyes.

Tips for looking great: Stay moisturized. Always wash your face before bed (you age faster when you sleep in makeup).Stay pulled up, meaning, stay ready every day so you don’t have to get ready! Take time to do what it takes to build your confidence and sel- esteem. (i.e. get heels training; take a one-on-one makeup class, etc)Have fun, live life and laugh until your stomach hurts!!

Eva Boldridge, 45

Beauty regimen:Oil of Olay & Night of Olay, eye moisturizer, exfoliant (once a week), deep conditioner for hair (once a week)

Tips to looking great:Stay hydrated, exercise regularly (two times a week) and cut back on processed food. Mental health is very important to me. I have learned to live in the moment and be grateful.  When you feel good inside it shows on the outside!  It also doesn’t hurt to have a #glamsquad for the special times when you want to go all out.  

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