Who is Antoine Howard

Each week, the Defender highlights a member of the community who is ‘Fit & Fine’ and has the body that reflects high healthcare standards and a healthy lifestyle. Each fitness enthusiast shares his or her keys to fitness success to help raise the quality of self-care in our community on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This week, we feature master trainer Antoine Howard.

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Age: 37

Occupation: Founder of Lift’ed LLC, Master Trainer and Mindset Architect

Motto: “Live life with purpose.”

Unknown facts: “I have an obsession with gummy bears, and I absolutely love ‘The Walking Dead.’

Fitness start: “A pushup contest got me. Before I got into fitness, I worked in the corporate world. One of my coworkers challenged me to a pushup contest, and I lost. Being the competitive person I am, I decided to start working out with the coworker I lost to.”

Fitness advice: “First, establish a ‘why.’ If you are connected to a ‘why’ believe in it and then it will become real. Secondly, speak your goals into existence. Manifestation is real. If you continuously speak it, you will believe it and it will come to pass. Lastly, celebrate the small victories. The more you do this, the more you encourage yourself to keep going.”

My fitness goal: “My top fitness goal is to enjoy my workouts.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

• Start somewhere. Set a realistic goal.
• Acknowledge small victories.
• Trust the process.

Social Media:
IG: @antoine_howard
IG: @lamlifted_

Nutrition: I meal prep to stay on target.

“For me, meal prepping helps me to stay focused on eating well.

“I love a country breakfast complete with eggs, pancakes, bacon and grits.

“I eat the same things daily for lunch and dinner, such as, chicken, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, asparagus and some form of a healthy snack.”

Physical: I enjoy cycling.

“My most effective fitness activity is cycling

“They say attitude determines your altitude. So, this statement to me simply means ‘change.’ Your attitude can and will affect how you see change. Fitness is a process of change. From changing your mind, your eating habits, your daily routine and much more. Having a positive attitude about the process of fitness will only help guide you to making valuable investments in this lifestyle change!

“My company logo is a double arrow pointing up. It’s a symbol to ‘create your own reality.’ You are in control of your life, but you have to change your mind first. When you change your mind, you change the world!

“Regarding COVID and safety, being a fitness trainer, I have made my studio accessible for those who are comfortable coming in. I also have virtual classes for those who still would like that extra precaution.

“Unity, even within social distancing, is what keeps me motivated. “Lift’ed, which is my fitness company, has strived to unite everyone whether social distanced or not, and it has become a united movement of people who are now motivating each other.”

Mental: Being selfless and serving motivates me.

“I am motivated by serving others. My grandmother has always taught me that your life is not yours. So, being selfless has become a daily habit for me. I reach out to people, maintain relationships, and I look for ways outside of myself to make others’ day better.”

Spiritual: Self-care, prayer and faith are key.

“To maintain spiritual strength, I pray and have faith. I am constantly seeking guidance through my faith in God. So, maintaining my relationship with Him is how I maintain my spiritual strength.

“Self-care and prayer help me to maintain life balance. As a trainer, I’ve always encouraged my clients to establish time for themselves, so I try to practice what I preach. One to two times a week, I take a yoga class to help clear my mind and relax. I also take the time to pray. Belief in something bigger than myself gives me faith in what is to come.

When asked about his highest compliment ever received, Howard responded:

“I had a member come to me and say she owes her life to me. She said her life was at an all-time low and depression had become too heavy on her.

“One day, she said to herself ‘I’ve had enough.’ She began to prepare herself to take her life.

“She goes on to say the first thought she had when she sat there was, ‘I cannot miss Antoine’s class. He’s going to be looking for me or he’s going to say something to make me keep pushing and be positive.’

“This touched my heart because I’ve always trained to be a resource, a change agent, a pillar of hope for my clients and members. This helped me understand that God hears my prayers.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]