Who is Emmanuel Gatling?

Age: 31

Occupation: Youth sports specific trainer/Chemical engineer

Education: Mississippi State University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Motto: “Uncover what lies within.”

Unknown facts: “I played football for Mississippi State University, received a chemical engineering degree, and a minor in chemistry. Also, I am God-fearing and motivated to help others. In my opinion, one of the greatest rewards is seeing others succeed.”

Fitness start: “I had a literal dream about the next generation continuing the cycle of striving to play sports with no other plan.

“This dream that God gave me to bridge the gap between athletics and academics was so powerful that I created Core Development and began the journey.

“Being a college football player and having first walked in their steps completing countless hours of extra work and training and earning a scholarship, I saw many athletes come into the program. They would give it all they had and not receive anything but a pat on the back for their efforts.

“I have seen former teammates that have gone back to their hometowns and their old environments. Time after time, this has ended in jail or death due to a ‘no way out’ mentality.

“This is the gap that Core Development was born out of. The idea that sports is king, and education is secondary is what we address. A lot of the time, the student athletes that come into the locker room are not exposed to careers that can sustain them for a lifetime. So, they view the sport they play as their only out.

“At Core Development we teach the importance of redefining success and the basics of financial literacy. Through hard work and perseverance, we have grown in our two years of operation. We have produced athletes that have gone to Division 1 schools and are majoring in pre-med, aerospace engineering and chemical engineering. We stand strong and produce not only top athletic talent, we are producing top mental talent as well.”
Fitness goal: “My top fitness goal is to ensure the student athletes are pushed and growing. In the end, they know they are better and more prepared for life regardless of sports.”

Fitness advice: “Don’t give up! God has not put on you more than you can bear. It is tough, but the same thing that made you start is the same thing that will make you finish. Uncover what lies within and see that you are great.”

Social Media: @coredevsports

Nutrition: A clean diet maximizes my workout.

“I walk my own talk. Just as I encourage the student athletes to eat cleaner and not opt for junk food, I do the same. If you put bad in, you will get bad out.

“Generally, I eat two eggs, bacon or turkey sausage for breakfast. I’m a poultry guy, so I typically will eat chicken from lunch and dinner along with vegetables. For snacks, I love fruit.”

Physical: I enjoy conditioning on the track.

“My most effective workout activity is track work for conditioning and building of the fundamentals for correct form.

“Honestly, I work out with the athletes. A coach who cannot demonstrate the drill and perform them with a high level of intensity and skill is not going to get the best out of you. I also weight train in the mornings to maintain flexibility and strength.”

Mental: Balance comes from God’s Word.

“I read the bible every day and meditate on the Word. I believe the love, joy and peace of the Lord must be with me to deal with the stresses in life. I balance through my family being understanding and just as dedicated as I am. We find time to get away and enjoy each other and that happiness is the key to a successful life.”

Spiritual: Things happen when men pray.

“I receive spiritual guidance from my apostle Dr. Dana Carson. Also, every morning I am on a prayer call with my brothers. We are able to stay grounded and grow in the Word and truly hear from God through prayer. Things happen when men pray.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]