Who is Jermaine Patterson?

Age: 39

Occupation: Gym Owner/Trainer

Education: Xavier University of Louisiana

Major: Business Marketing

Motto: “I’d rather play the game and lose, than to not have played and not have known whether I’d win or lose.”

Motivated by: “Seeing other people win in life, motivates me. I don’t mean in a jealous way, but in a sense of seeing their wins inspires me to achieve more wins.”

Unknown facts: “A few little-known facts about me: I have a twin sister. I’m a Caribbean clash of Jamaican and Guyanese. I’m a pescatarian [person who does not eat meat but does eat fish]. And, I’m a gamer.”

Fitness start: “I got into fitness by chance. I first started in college as a front desk clerk turned personal trainer at the YMCA. Then, I took a hiatus for nearly 12 years. Once I got on Herbalife and had crazy results, I fell back in love with fitness, and began to train myself and others. The main thing I did was to change my mindset. I changed my entire view on perspective on life.”

Fitness advice: “Enjoy the ride. Results will come – just have fun and love what you’re doing to get there. Even if you run for five minutes. It’s better than nothing, and you will grow from all of it. A positive mindset is needed, so don’t come with anything less.”

Social Media:

IG: @darkskinnedjermaine

IG: @thebodyshophtx

IG: @sproingmuseumdistrict

I do intermittent fasting 4-5 days per week.

“My typical morning meal is oatmeal with protein powder and a plant-based breakfast patty. Lunch consists of salmon or shrimp with a healthy carb, such as jasmine rice, Japanese sweet potato, quinoa, and a green vegetable such as broccoli, asparagus or cauliflower. A typical dinner would be a plant-based meat, healthy carb, and a veggie. I snack on protein cookies, almonds, and hummus. I don’t cook so I get my healthy meals from @beefitfoods and @iccreations_meals.”

Our readers have asked whether beer, wine and cocktails can be had in moderation. Jermaine’s response, “Give up the beer, and keep the wine – in moderation. As for cocktails, ditch the mixers. It’s about making healthy food choices. Don’t stop doing you.”

Plant-based ‘meatballs’ and sweet potato

Physical: Pilates changed how I view fitness.

YouTube video

“I used to think Pilates was ‘girly,’ but it’s actually the most challenging toning and defining workout I have experienced. Once you combine Pilates with weight training, it intensifies the session.”

Mental: I strive to be a better form of myself daily.


“The constant challenge of growth and being a better version of myself daily keeps me mentally focused. After that, I enjoy life, friends and family.”

Jermaine with his cousin and business partner Ian Buchanan.
Jermaine with his daughter. #GirlDad

Spiritual: I meditate and practice a faith called Agape.

“Agape is the religion of love. It’s about manifesting your life the way you want to design it. It embraces living life in purpose and peacefulness. Yoga helps a lot too. I go to Black Swan Houston or my boy @yogibarbejuan.”