Who is Joseph Whitfield?

Age: 38

Occupation: Medical Insurance Specialist

Motto: “Solving one piece of the puzzle every day adds to the bigger picture.”

Unknown facts: “I’m a pretty decent basketball player since I’ve played all my life. Also, I’m a big movie buff.”

Fitness start: “I’ve always loved to be active. Working out is something in your life that you can control. There are so many things you can’t control that can be stressful. So, I like to master and be on point with the things in my life I can control and give the things I can’t control zero power.”

Fitness goal: “My fitness goal is to maximize my full potential each day and see how far I can push myself. I believe the body is an extraordinary mechanism that you can push to do unbelievable things if you’re willing to do the work.”

Fitness advice: “I know it’s scary or uncomfortable, but if every day you have the mindset of working out, it gets easier and easier until it becomes like second nature. It will improve your mental strength as well as your physical strength.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Incorporate squats or leg presses into your workout. Both are great movements because they work more than half of your body. By working the biggest muscle group of your body, you burn more calories.
  • Do pull-ups to work your back and arms. Multi-purpose exercises like this maximize your time in the gym.
  • Do bench presses or push-ups to also multi-task.

Social Media:

IG: @datboijoe82

Nutrition: Intermittent fasting works for me.

“I usually do intermittent fasting. In the morning, I drink coffee because it gives me a jolt of energy for my workout and suppresses my appetite. For lunch, I might have a protein bar or six-inch sub. For dinner, I generally will eat a healthy meal of beef or chicken with vegetables. Sometimes I’ll splurge and have pizza or a burger.

“Whatever I eat, I try to make sure it’s a balanced meal, but I try not to neglect the food I like because as long as you’re not going crazy pigging out, if you’re intermittent fasting and working out you can get away with eating foods like pizza.”

Physical: Like Nike…I just do it!

“My most effective workout advice is to just do it, like Nike. By that I mean if I only have five minutes to work out, I put on my workout clothes and go. It’s better than the alternative. A little bit each day adds up to a lot. As you go more, you learn the dos and don’ts.

“The biggest workout mistake I see people make is not having the muscle/mind connection which happens over time. You have to engage the muscle you’re attempting to work. Whatever movement you are doing, you should feel that muscle working as you do that movement.”

Mental: I focus on one thing at a time.

“I try not to get too bogged down. I focus on one thing at a time until the task is completed.

“Also, I focus on getting better every day. I continue to add pieces to the puzzle, pushing past plateaus both physically and mentally.”

Spiritual: I trust in my higher power.

“By believing in a higher power and knowing and feeling if I do, I will give out positive energy and it will come back to me.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]