Defender Fit and Fine: Chantel McNeil
Chantel McNeil

Who is Chantel McNeil?

Age: 29

Occupation: Nursing


  • Undergrad-Prairie View A&M College
  • Graduate (Masters): The University of Texas- Houston Medical Center

Major: Nursing

Motto: “Change your perception of things and you will change your reality.”

Unknown facts: “People may not know that I took Culinary Arts and actually almost pursued that as a career opposed to Nursing. I like to cook and definitely like to eat! Also! I do event/party planning on the side.”

Fitness start: “My perception of myself. I know the way that I like to look, which is of a curvier stature. In order to maintain that fitness has to be amongst the top priorities in my life”.

Fitness advice: “Start slow and steady work your way up. Eat clean. Encourage yourself. Set your own goals . Know that it’s okay if you fail, it’s human, you can always start over!”

My fitness goal: “My current fitness goal is building a stronger upper body”.

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Rest is essential don’t overdo it without allowing yourself rest and recovery days. Same with diet it’s okay to occasionally sway.
  • Incorporate full body days and don’t neglect certain areas of your body. Try and have overall strength as a goal
  • Any fitness journey starts in the kitchen. Make necessary life changes to your diet that are easy to maintain.

Social Media:

IG: @chantelrenee_

Facebook: ChantelRenee


Nutrition: Your diet is important.

“Your diet is very important and in our society we’ve been taught that a “diet” is something you go on. When in actuality your diet is made up of what you consume daily and your practices, healthy or not. I balance my diet based upon my fitness needs”.

“When my goal is to gain muscle my calories are increased along with my protein intake and carbs when attempting to lean out the calories are decreased the protein stays high”.

  • Breakfast : exercise fasted with only black coffee for energy upon return blueberry protein pancake 2 slices of turkey bacon and vegan protein shake.
  • Lunch is either a salad with choice of protein and or a protein, veggies (raw) and sweet potatoes.
  • Dinner is something similar to lunch. I have days where I sway and make things like turkey chili, or stuffed bell peppers as long as it aligns with my goals.

“If your planning to eat better or change your eating habits the best advice I can give is to plan ahead and meal prep, people tend to cheat diets when they get hungry and food is not readily available therefore they reach for the quickest thing. (fast food, junk etc.)”.

Physical:The biggest mistake people make is going to the gym staying on cardio machines for hours on end.

“My most effective fitness activities would be incorporating weights into my daily exercise. It definitely helps shape my body and gives me the curves that I desire”.

“The biggest mistake people make is going to the gym staying on cardio machines for hours on end. Also waist training with unrealistic expectations. Last mistake is not giving your body time to adapt to the changes your making, giving up to soon”.

“A lot of times we can focus too much on one area and neglect others. That’s a great fitness goal I’d give others, have full body days as well as isolated upper/ lower body days and don’t forget the core”!!

Mental: I’m motivated by how well I feel daily.

“I’m motivated by how well I feel daily. Living a fit lifestyle not only makes you feel good, but makes you want to get up every morning and start fresh energized and ready to take on a new day”.

“Creating balance hasn’t been much of a challenge for me. Being a nurse I only work 3 days a week that leaves me 4 days to workout and meal prep. I prefer early morning workouts, leaving me the rest of the day to cook, spend time with family and time for various other self care activities”.

Spiritual:Prayer is essential and so is Faith in everything that you do.

“This is just as important! Prayer is essential and so is Faith in everything that you do. Attending church is virtual now and easier to attend and incorporate”.

“While I workout I sometimes listen to Inspirational leaders or even my pastor at Good Hope MBC in 3rd ward definitely helps me through cardio. Making sure I am level from a spiritual standpoint ensures balance in every other area of my life”.

I was born into the business, and have been exposed to the dynamic effect the Defender has had on the Houston Black community since I was a little boy. I received my BA in Finance from Morehouse College...