Who is LaShonda Roberts?

Age: 36

Occupation: Fit and Fine Apparel


  • Longview HS
  • University of North Texas – Undergraduate
  • Texas Southern University- Graduate

Major: Kinesiology, Masters in Healthcare Administration

Motto: “Don’t complain about what you are not willing to change.”

Unknown facts: “I am the first woman Director of Football Operations in my District/ probably the state of Texas.”

Fitness start: “I was an athlete who played collegiate volleyball at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. August 2008 I transferred to North Texas and wanted to continue to be physically active through sports and physical training. I was dealing with some PTSD and anxiety, so exercising was a way for me to cope and release the negative energy. I enjoy fitness because it allows me to challenge myself, keeps me mentally and emotionally aware, provides peace and tranquility when my mind is running faster than my legs would ever allow.”

Fitness advice: “Be patient and do the work. Make sure you consult a certified personal trainer and nutritionist if you have the means. Also, find an accountability partner!”

My fitness goal: “Fitness goals are to cycle 50 miles in 1 day with my bike group.”

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Weights make a difference ( Incorporate weight training)
  • Change up your cardio often
  • HITT workout decreases the amount of time you have to spend in the “gym”. It Burns calories faster.

Social Media:

IG: @fitandfineapparel

IG: @amourbelle15

Twitter: fitandfineHTX


FB Group: @FitandFine

Nutrition: I just really try not to have items high in sugar and salt around the house.

“I’m not sure if taking diet advice from me would be best. lol. I’m not really disciplined in that area. I eat breakfast sometimes and other times I don’t. I just really try not to have items high in sugar and salt around the house. So, I don’t keep soda in the house, chips, cookies, or any other items that would be a distraction.”

“I keep water everywhere, so it helps me make sure I drink a lot of it daily. I try to stay away from fried food… well until the weekend. Also, I practice not eating anything heavy after 8 pm. I guess my advice is to get rid of anything that isn’t consistent with your goals.”

Physical: HITT like movements, boxing, weights, jumping rope, and cycling.

“HITT like movements, boxing, weights, jumping rope, and cycling. These activities have been effective with keeping my heart rate up, toning my body and target areas, and allowing me to change the workouts to keep my body from adapting to the workout.”

“I thing the biggest workout mistakes people make are not changing up their workout regime/activities often enough. Our brain and body is super smart and it adapts quickly. Also, not ensuring stretching exercises to increase flexibility and incorporating rest days.”

Mental: Writing things down in my journal and planner has been super helpful.

“Prioritize what’s necessary to keep me healthy to handle all of my responsibilities. Making sure have fun along the way. I know that if I have a deadline, then I make sure to finish that task early so it’s not constantly on my brain.”

“Writing things down in my journal and planner has been super helpful. Also, creating a daily to-do list helps me prioritize my day.”

Spiritual: Prayer, separation, and scripture reading.

“Prayer, separation, and scripture reading. I try to use the first 20/30 mins for praise and worship/ listening to spiritual inspiration speakers. Help set me mind and attitude for the day to expect great things and to be productive with the time I’m afforded to have.”.