Who is Ryan Mosby?

Age: 29

Occupation: Houston’s Top Fitness trainer/ Muscleheadz Houston, Owner of IT Staffing Company

Education: Rockwall- Heath High school

Major: Global Business

Motto: “Life is too short not to look your best…”

Unknown facts: “I love people of all races, gender, religions, sexual orientations, etc.. if we all looked at each other as human beings and didn’t classify them into categories & stereotypes the world would be a better place..”

Fitness start: “I’m a former D-1, D1AA, D2, Jr College, NAIA College athlete.. I’ve competed on EVERY level and been on a long journey, I’ve been in numerous strength and conditioning programs on every level across the country and I have always loved the grind .. I’ve always wanted to look good and feel good so I live in the gym.. working out is my mental therapy and helps me get through a lot of depression in my life that’s full of ups and downs”.

Fitness advice: “Stay consistent and dedicated in whatever program you chose to do”

My fitness goal: “My top goal in life and fitness is to reach Gods full potential for myself and help and many people as i can reach their full potential as well”.

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Stay consistent
  • Stay dedicated
  • Don’t compare yourself to others

Social Media:

IG: @theallnaturalape

IG: @fullybossedup

Nutrition: I generally eat lean foods.

“Generally in the morning i eat an egg white omelet filled with mixed greens, and a protein shake filled with fruit vegetables and proteins and vitamins.”.

“I generally eat lean foods, my philosophy is if you eat lean foods you will be lean, if you constantly eat fattening foods you will be fat. I’m no expert on diet and nutrition, my best advice is to stay consistent.”.

Physical: I’m big into weights, resistance, and cardio.

“I’m big into weights, resistance, and cardio because that’s what changes your body in the best way in my opinion”.

“I cannot speak on mistakes other people make because I don’t know what they do”.

Mental: I take this life 1 day at a time.

“I’m self-employed so every day is different, I have to balance my time, energy, and mind so I can tackle each day”

“I never look too far ahead and I take this life 1 day at a time”.

Spiritual: Prayer, meditation, music…

“Prayer, meditation, music, and taking my life one day at a time”.