Who is Stevie Brown?

Age:  32

Occupation: Physical Trainer | ”Phresh Plate” Food Truck Owner

Motto: Live life to the fullest. Enjoy it All!

Education: University of Michigan

Major: General Studies

Motivated by: “Being in shape and performing at my best motivates me. Also, my high school football coach said something to me that stuck: ‘When you look in the mirror, would you follow that person?’ He inspired me to be that person that people followed or aspired to be like.”

Unknown facts: “I played professional football for six years. I was drafted to Oakland, but most of my years in the NFL were with the Giants. Also, I have traveled to 17 different countries and six continents. I haven’t been to Antarctica yet, but will soon.”

Fitness advice: “Don’t expect results overnight. Take it a day at a time, and don’t do too much too fast. Enjoy the process because it will take a couple of months to start seeing results.”

On Social:

IG: steviebrown_27

IG: preshplate

Twitter: steviebrown27


I love to cook and prep meals for the week.

“I eat ‘clean’ 90 percent of the time. Since I love cooking, I prep my meals for the week. For breakfast, I typically eat a protein waffle and protein shake. Mid-morning, I have a protein bar. At lunch, I’ll have 12 ounces of protein – chicken, turkey or fish, with one cup of veggies, plus quinoa or rice. Dinner is the same as lunch. I splurge on the weekends with a pizza or hamburger, for example. I drink a minimum of one gallon of water per day. Water regulates weight and flushes toxins.”

Pictured: Stevie’s Spicy Seafood Gnocchi


Physical: Plyometrics allow my muscles to exert maximum force in short intervals to increase speed and strength.

“I exercise seven days per week. My exercise week consists of leg workouts three days per week. On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, I work legs with squats, lunges and dead lifts. On Monday, I work my back and shoulders. Wednesdays are reserved for chest and arms. On Fridays, I do upper body lifts. Saturdays are active rest days for me with plyometrics.”

Mental: Fitness is a lifestyle.

“My top fitness goal is to make working out a lifestyle. I try to keep my weight and look very consistent. It’s important that my workouts be sustainable because I don’t want to get burned-out because I’m over doing it.”

Spiritual: Cooking and traveling put me in a Zen mood.

“I love traveling and cooking. Both relax me. I also binge on Netflix and Hulu shows.”

Pictured: Stevie’s Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Pasta and Broccoli Pasta