Maybe you wind down each night with a cocktail. Maybe you visited your doctor recently, and she said, “You shouldn’t do that.” Maybe you said, “Well, I’m not stopping, so what other health advice do you have for me?” If you live for happy hour with friends, Margarita Mondays, Mimosa Sundays, and splitting a bottle of wine with your boo over dinner, you do need to take some steps to watch out for your health, but you don’t need to give up your love of cocktails. There are people who remain perfectly healthy into their 90s who have a drink each night, and people who stay sober but face other health ailments, regardless. That’s just to say that, you can usually indulge one of your vices, so long as you balance them out with healthy habits. Here are health tips for cocktail lovers.

Have water with every drink

Make it a non-negotiable rule that each time you order a cocktail, you order a glass of water with it. If the server doesn’t mind leaving the pitcher of water with you, then even better. This will help your body detox the booze, and prevent headaches.

And have booze/club soda

If you don’t like double-fisting, you could make each drink a (insert booze of choice here) and club soda, or water. That way, your hydration is built right into your cocktail.

Eat before drinking

If you wait to order food at the bar, after your first cocktail, you’ll be loosened up and probably won’t order the healthiest thing. When you’re sober, you can plan a healthy, balanced meal that will sustain you throughout the night.

Eat a good meal before drinking

Try to have a healthy meal before drinking. If you eat an unhealthy one, then when you drink, you may have the mindset, “I already ruined my health tonight” which will drive you to drink more, and eat more.

Always opt for the clear stuff

Clear spirits have lower levels of the toxic compounds that are created during fermentation, so they can be easier on your liver and tend to be lower in calories than the dark stuff.

But dark beer has its benefits

When it comes to beer, light beer has fewer calories than dark beer, but if your waistline isn’t of concern, you should know that stouts actually boast antioxidants.

Red wine is another good dark option

When it comes to wine, choose the red stuff. Red wine contains antioxidants that can boost your heart health, and prevent certain coronary artery conditions.

Incorporate citrus

Greyhounds may be a great option because they use clear alcohol and contain citrus. Citrus boosts your immune system, which you need if you’re a drinker because alcohol depletes your immune system.

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