Hair loss can be a bit of a taboo subject among women. If a man loses his hair, he has options. There are plenty of styles men can pull off with little hair and there are plenty of perfectly attractive bald men. But for women—our hair is one of our favorite accessories. We spend immeasurably more time, money and thought on our hair than men do in a lifetime. If it starts to thin out, it’s like watching an investment go down the drain. But women do suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, just like men. We just aren’t as prepared and trained in the ways or preventing it that men are because we don’t talk about it. Let’s start now. Here are ways women can prevent hair thinning, that you should start today.

Stop stressing

It’s no secret that stress can lead to hair loss. Just take a look at any of our presidents at the beginning and the end of their terms; their hairlines all recede. If you are not managing your stress levels then you will fight an uphill battle with your hair loss.

Easy on the appliances

Curling irons, flat irons, crimpers and blow dryers can cause damage to even the strongest of hair. If you’re noticing that your hair is starting to thin out, you need to be very selective of when you use these appliances.

Don’t tie your hair tightly

Stay away from super tight hair ties or ones that have exposed elastic. These types of accessories can take out chunks of hair in women who are already experiencing hair loss. This may be the time to bring the scrunchy back.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Whether you have ultra strong hair or thinning tresses, you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day—it strips it of the natural oils that keep your locks durable. But washing your hair also usually means running strong water through it, which will drag a lot of hair out of already weak follicles.

Scalp massage

Scalp massages not only feel incredible but they also strengthen your hair roots. When you get a scalp massage, your hair follicles heat up and are primed for taking in nutrients more efficiently.

Use these oils

Speaking of nutrients for your hair, try adding these oils to your regiment: almond (contains strengthening iron and magnesium) coconut (traps essential moisture in your follicles) olive (the vitamin E promotes hair growth) and lavender (it prevents breakage).

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar kills the bacteria that clogs your hair follicles and keeps them from getting the oil they need. This, in turn, dries out the hair and causes it to break. Apple cider vinegar can prevent these blockages.

Eat more nuts and fish

The fatty acids found in things like salmon, mackerel, soy nuts and walnuts moisturize your hair, as well as increase its elasticity. Both of these elements prevent hair breakage.

Eat more oysters, beef, and seeds

Oysters and lean beef, along with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, are high in zinc. Zinc is essential to building proteins all over your body, including those in your hair.

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