There is a strange sensation that is hard to pin-down. You have a hard time focusing or solving problems, even though there isn’t anything in particular on your mind. You feel deeply exhausted, even though you’re sleeping enough (well, almost enough) every night. You’re mentally checked out as if you’re watching your body from the ceiling. You don’t have the flu, you’re not sleep-deprived, and you’re not depressed.

Ah: you’re burnt out! Or about to be if you don’t make some changes. People, especially ambitious ones, are very stubborn. We like to believe that if we follow certain protocol, live a healthy lifestyle and find that proper caffeine to water ratio, that we can just go-go-go, but burnout is a real thing and you can’t ignore it. Here are signs you’re experiencing it.

You’ve become pessimistic

Your nature isn’t a pessimistic one, but lately, it seems like your brain only knows how to go down that path. You barely have access to the part of your brain that can see silver linings.

You cannot focus

You cannot retain new information, you lose your train of thought, and you generally feel that your thoughts are in a million places at once, or really no place at all.

Social plans irritate you

Rather than seeing social plans as things that revitalize and uplift you, you see them as one more responsibility. You see friends as more people who need something from you (even if it’s just to hang out).

Sometimes you feel nothing at all

You can truly say that sometimes, you feel nothing at all. You’ve never experienced it before, but you have feelings of numbness. You aren’t depressed—you’re nothing.

Not even your dreams excite you

Visualizing your dreams becoming a reality no longer excites you. The process of getting to them has become so tedious that they are fogging your excitement and drive.

You have no willpower in the health department

You eat whatever you want, you do not exercise, and you generally won’t lift a finger or make an effort to make the healthier choice. And what’s more is that you don’t even feel bad about it.

You don’t care if you put on weight

You put on weight due to your unhealthy choices, and you aren’t even bothered by that. Really, your physical appearance is just starting to reflect your internal feelings of sluggishness and weight.

You feel unsettled at night

Burnout typically comes with feelings of not doing enough, no matter how much you do. Your efforts begin to feel fruitless, which can leave you unsettled at night, rather than feeling good after a long day’s work.

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