Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will premiere the 7th season of its hit dating series Ready to Love Friday, January 6 at 8 p.m. EST | 7 p.m. CST and Houston’s own Rashid Floyd and Symone Redwine of Season 3, Ready to Love: Welcome to the Last Resort are set to make a surprise appearance on the premiere episode as a couple. 

Offering the new cast advice and words of encouragement, Rashid will also make this moment memorable and officially propose to Symone. The couple were both casted on the same season but did not start dating until after the show.

“When we got home, basically we just continued to rekindle our friendship,” said Symone, who had been sent home in episode 8. “I told him, ‘I said, ‘listen, I don’t know what you got going on. I don’t know how many little girlfriends you think you have, but you just need to go ahead and let them know I’m going to be in your life in some capacity, even if it’s just as your homegirl. So you just need to let ’em go. And it started from there.”

Added Rashid, “She asked the tough questions and I wanted to have tough conversations. So those kind of aligned with one another. But I really didn’t wanna like her. So I was kind of pushing her off by some of those tough conversations. She would ask me, are you trying to get me not to like you? I just wanted her to see all of what comes with me because you know, all of the infatuation and things that happen in the beginning, those things will dissipate and fade as time goes on. And then what do you have after the physical stuff?”

That tenacity drew Rashid even closer to Symone, and once his son gave his approval, he knew she was the one.

Now, the couple has opened their relationship to the world via their social platforms and have launched their widely sought-after podcast, “Ages & Stages,” which averaged 1.5M total views on Youtube in 2022.

The couple will host a private viewing of the premiere episode with a guest list of OWN reality stars and entertainers and industry friends, where they will also host a live recording of their podcast, officially announce their engagement and their Youtube wedding special “Ready to Wed”.

“Ready to Love” Season 3 cast, featuring Rashid Floyd and Symone Redwine

Since their love connection following Ready to Love, Season 3, Rashid and Symone developed a ground-swelling audience closely following the couple’s love story and tuning in to their Youtube podcast Ages & Stages.  Now, Rashid and Symone cordially invite you to witness their journey down the aisle to tie the knot in their new Youtube wedding special Ready to Wed.

Viewers will get front-row seats to the couple’s adventurous romance as they face the challenges of juggling their personal and professional lives with the planning of their dream wedding as they prepare to become husband and wife.

Season 6 of “Ready to Love” airs on OWN and takes place in Miami.

“Ready to Love” Season 6 cast.